Beijing Changping strict investigation education illegal charges!Ministry of Education out-of-school grooms management “look back” be serious

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Recently, Beijing Changping District Market supervision bureau led in the whole area to carry out special inspection of education fees, further standardize the behavior of education fees in Changping District, effectively solve the problem of outstanding education fees reflected by the masses, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students and parents.Reaching law enforcement officers came to changping district experimental school campus, to visit the school fees of the public system implementation, the policy of free compulsory education stage to carry out the situation, and check whether there is a school for military training fee, charge or charged to the town, the school selection fee, reread fee, etc., if there is not according to the examination and approval of standard charge of tuition fees, accommodation and other violation behavior.No arbitrary charges were found in the inspection, and the charges were collected in accordance with the policy requirements and made the price announcement.”Our school strictly implements the policy requirements, including ‘three exemptions and two subsidies’ for compulsory education and’ three exemptions and one subsidy ‘for senior high school. Meanwhile, we strictly implement the system of filing fees for examination and approval to ensure that all fees are fair, just and open.”Changping district experimental school Zhenxing Road campus general affairs vice president Yang Quanshan said.It is understood that the special inspection of education fees from March 1 to July 11 end, by the district market supervision bureau in conjunction with the development and reform Commission, the district Education Commission formed an inspection team, to take self-inspection and inspection of the way,Mainly for external training institutions (including the subject classes and the subject class), vocational education schools (including private), kindergarten (including private, collective do), and compulsory education schools (including private) high school in 2020 since the start of the spring semester fees for inspection, to find relevant illegal ACTS will be carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.”Special inspections are divided into two stages: self-inspection and random inspection. Before March 18, we had deployed training institutions, schools and kindergartens to carry out self-inspection and self-rectification.”Area market comprehensive law enforcement supervision staff Wang Jianmin introduces, at present has entered the second stage, the area of market supervision bureau will jointly with the relevant departments for each unit to carry out the “double random inspection, and connecting with the stage of self-check, 12345 complain inform against conditions, in accordance with the” active governance, not v. do first “request, to carry out the key spot, cross examination, joint supervision.”At present, we have 14 schools, kindergartens in the whole area of the charging and advertising activities, the market supervision of the law enforcement inspection, and the inspection is found in the illegal behavior carefully comb, to be registered, severe punishment.”Wang Jianmin said that the next, Changping district will increase the inspection efforts, the inspection found in the problem of timely processing, and summed up the analysis of the cause, seriously summarized, explore the establishment of long-term supervision mechanism, to solve the problem of education fees, further standardize the behavior of education fees, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students and parents.Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a Notice on “Looking back” on The Management of Discipline-related Out-of-school Training in Compulsory Education, and decided to carry out a “looking back” work by the end of June 2022.We will deploy all parts of the country to conduct a comprehensive investigation of all online and offline discipline off-campus training institutions that have been reduced or converted to non-profit education, systematically find out problems and resolutely rectify them, and effectively consolidate the results of off-campus training management.How will the specific work be carried out?Follow along – what are the main tasks?Comprehensive comparison of central “ShuangJian” file all the policies and requirements, and external training management for compulsory education students have reduce and all online and offline disciplines into a non-profit off-campus training institutions, when conducting a thorough screening, from institutional operation, charge management, training content, personnel qualification and so on various aspects, find problems and firmly system for rectification,Cogent consolidate compulsory education stage discipline kind grooms management result.”Look back” what?Seven key content needs to be clear — (1) see training institutions reduce.Whether there is a “fake cancellation, true operation” phenomenon, focus on verification has been canceled training institutions are still using the original teachers, students and other continuing subject training.(2) look at “battalion to non” “reserve reform review”.Whether there is a phenomenon of “non-profit behavior in the name of non-profit”, focusing on checking the withdrawal of start-up funds, private off-book funds, illegal connected transaction, false increase in business costs, etc.(3) see training charge supervision.Whether the pre-charge funds of training institutions are not included in the supervision, focusing on the inspection of illegal charges, the use of non-standard contracts, and the failure to standardize the implementation of government-guided price management requirements.(four) see invisible variation management.Whether there is a variety of disciplinary training violations, “edge ball”, focus on the inspection of unlicensed and unlicensed institutions illegal training, individuals in the name of “housekeeping service”, “family education guidance”, “crowdfunding private education” and other training violations.(5) Material and personnel standards.Whether the content of training materials is not compliant, employees do not meet the qualifications and other phenomena, focus on the inspection of the early special investigation, rectification and implementation of problems.(6) Read the data and fill in the report.Whether the requirements for the use of the national off-campus education and training supervision and service integrated platform have been fulfilled, and the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of the data and information have been checked.(7) Risk prevention.Whether it can timely find, effectively prevent and resolve all kinds of risks and hidden dangers, and focus on the establishment and implementation of mechanisms to solve the difficulty of fee refund, supervision and law enforcement of off-campus training, and to prevent and resolve labor and employment risks.What are the job requirements?1. Strengthening organizational leadership.Local governments should fully understand the long-term, arduous and complex nature of off-campus training management, and deeply understand the significance of “looking back” for consolidating achievements and deepening governance. They should strengthen work arrangements, formulate work plans, and carefully organize and implement them to ensure work results.(2) Compaction responsibilities.In accordance with the division of responsibilities, all localities should carry out a comprehensive survey of training institutions within the region, focusing on problems, highlighting key areas, and leaving no dead spots.On the basis of self-examination at the county level, provincial and prefectural levels should carry out spot checks step by step, and guide and handle problems in time to achieve practical results.The Ministry of Education will organize spot checks and unannounced visits at the right time on the basis of comprehensive investigation and treatment in various places, and will hold those who are found to have caused serious rebound of invisible variation and strong reaction from the people seriously accountable.3. Improving long-term mechanisms.Taking “Looking back” as an opportunity, we will further improve the long-term supervision mechanism for off-campus training, improve the pattern of unified leadership by party committees and governments and joint supervision by departments, and promote the establishment of systems for daily supervision, inspection and unannounced visits, and the handling of violations, so as to ensure that “supervision, investigation, inspection, supervision, supervision and good supervision”.Integrated by Beijing Daily, micro language education pictures by Photo network editor by Wang Xiaojun by Lei Ling