When planting fruit tree, is leaf withered yellow what circumstance is

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There are many reasons for the fruit tree leaves to wither, but in general, the root system of the fruit tree or the leaves are directly damaged, so it will lead to the phenomenon of leaves to wither.Here’s what causes fruit tree leaves to wither.A single cause, long-term fertilization for fruit trees fertilization, with organic manure combined with chemical fertilizer applied into the, if you are single for a long time into the chemical fertilizer, caused the lack of organic material in the soil, the living conditions of the beneficial microbial flora has adverse factors, a hai bacteria breeding, can cause to the root, the root causing disease,As a result, the leaves will wither and the tree will die.Long-term use of chemical fertilizer will lead to soil acidification, compaction, poor air permeability, affect the absorption of tree nutrition, resulting in tree growth weakening.(Can be applied more organic fungus fertilizer · organic fertilizer containing microorganisms (can be used to enrich the source of biological fungus fertilizer starter, their own fermentation organic fungus fertilizer, their own fermentation with rest assured.Again after can be organic fertilizer for reasons fuyuan soil conditioner, beneficial supplement soil microbial flora) 2, the reason of the improper fertilization on the fruit trees into organic fertilizer, must choose after fully decomposed organic fertilizer, for organic fertilizer without corruption, farmer said “fat” (can be for reasons fuyuan bio-bacterial manure yeast, rotten quickly, good effect, low cost).Such fertilizer application, not only with a large number of pathogenic bacteria, but also in the underground secondary decay, which leads to the burning of fruit trees root phenomenon, fruit trees root damage, but also because of the impact of fruit tree nutrition transmission, resulting in fruit tree leaves withered.Fruit trees into organic fertilizer, to master the distance from the base of fruit trees, the depth of application, and a amount of application.Three, the influence of high temperature in the orchard soil often watering, especially in high temperature and rainy season, coupled with the unreasonable fertilization, long-term without agriculture, soil compaction, permeability decreased, the soil is too wet, the root of suction function abate, under the high temperature weather transpiration, fruit tree withered leaves, often can appear even led to the deaths of fruit trees.(Beneficial source of soil amendments can be used to improve soil compaction) Caused by waterlogging and drought when the water in the orchard period is too long, not timely discharge, or the weather continues to dry, not timely watering, such a situation will obviously cause the occurrence of fruit tree leaves withered.For the occurrence of leaves withered fruit trees, you can dig out the root system to check, if the fruit tree root rot caused by root rot, to timely take root drying or other treatment methods.Attention should be paid to the fertilization, the application of good organic fertilizer, increase the organic matter in the soil, the use of fertilization at the same time can be ploughed soil, enhance the permeability of the soil, to meet the aerobic respiration of the fruit tree root.Continuous use of rich soil amendments for two or three years can eliminate the plowing