“Tianlong eight” top ten ranking, jiu Mozhi ranked at the bottom of the floor, sweeping the monk is worthy

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In Jin Yong’s “Tian Long Ba Bu”, there are many masters, and the martial arts are complex and changeable.Among them the ten recognized ace ranking is: one monk 2 hang 3 old 4 must.But how exactly are the top ten ranked?A monk is a monk sweeping the floor, sweeping the floor monk is the library librarian.Usually responsible for cleaning work, only in the Shaolin Temple encounter life and death crisis to come forward, at one stroke to deter many masters.Sweeping monk internal strength, high defense, three feet of gas wall around the body to protect the body.Jiu Mozhi surprise attack was blocked, Qiao Feng hit dragon eighteen palm, also did not cause harm to him.Murong Fu hit it with all his might, and the force of his hand bounced back and could be controlled at will.The sweeping monk is a blow to these people.Only when xiao Yuanshan was killed, qiao Feng one palm dragon eighteen palms hit, was beaten to spit blood.But it didn’t do any harm to the monk.And bring Xiao Yuanshan and Murong Bo floating away, the high, qiao Feng and Murong Fu use all their skills to catch up.Two hang both Duan Yu and virtual bamboo.These two people are not early martial arts, but can quickly open hang, grow into a big man.The difference in martial arts is not very big, are hanging the existence of the same king.Xuzhu was a monk of Shaolin Temple in his early days. He was ugly, but kind-hearted.Because in Jane long chess bureau on an inadvertent move, saved the eldest brother of the four wicked section Yanqing.Section Yanqing return the favor li guidance virtual bamboo chess, cracked the Zhen Long chess bureau.Virtual bamboo get free and unfetters without cliff son’s 70 years of skill.He accidentally saved tianshan Tong Mu during the period of sangong, and learned the martial arts of the Free and easy school, Tianshan Six Yang Palms, Tianshan folding plum hands.And get Tianshan Tong Mu and Li Qiushui, more than 100 years of internal forces.Later virtual bamboo deep internal skills, can be said to have been 100 poison not invasion, even ding Spring and Autumn those poison also helpless he can not.Qiao Feng will fall dragon eighteen palms and beat the dog stick method to teach Virtual bamboo, kung fu can be said to have reached the peak.And got the favor of the Princess of the Western Xia, made the emperor’s son-in-law of the Western Xia.Inheriting the free and easy clique of the cliff child, and the Eagle Palace of Tianshan Tong Mu, it can be said that the success of life on the peak.Accidentally falls off a cliff into the paradise of Lang Huan and knocks 1000 heads on the statue.The futon in front of the statue cracked, revealing the secret book hidden inside.It is the martial arts of the Xiaoyao School, the Spirit of the North and Lingbo Micro Step.In a hurry, north Stymianshen gong, Duan Yu only practiced all the way “taiyin lung by hand”.Only the small quotient point of the thumb and people touch, and the other side is pushing, can be affected by the internal force, the rest of the acupoints are all useless.Duan Yu quickly absorbed a wave of internal forces, internal work began to take root.And in the Temple of tianlong learned the six pulse divine sword, six pulse divine sword is Dali duan’s highest martial arts.It is to launch the internal force from the fingertips to form an invisible sword.Duan Yu although Xi cheng six pulse excalibur, but his six pulse excalibur has been in the state of spirit when not working, usually still rely on Ling Bo micro step to protect life.It was not until duan Yu absorbed jiu Mozhi’s internal forces in the later period that his martial arts were stabilized, but his actual combat ability was too low.Sanlao is no cliff son Tianshan Tong mu Li Qiusui ranked fourth cliff son no cliff son is free and unfetters, free and unfetters by the provisions of the strongest take over the helm.Yamako can take over, obviously the strongest of the three.It is a pity that ding Chunqiu, an apprentice, conspired against him and fell off a cliff.Painstakingly studied the Zhenlong chess game, hoping to find a successor for its revenge.Tianshan Tongmu is the master of the Ethereal peak Lingvulture Palace, with the symbol of life and death control a number of thirty-six holes 72 islands for its use.Tong Mu’s martial arts practice is the eight wilderness liuhe independent power, Tianshan Liuyang palm, Tianshan folding plum hand.Tong Mu murder without the second move, can be said to be the strongest female in the dragon.No.6 Li Qiushui Li Qiushui’s martial arts are lower than Those of Tianshan Tong Mu.Li Qiushui’s minor no-phase gong is a powerful defense magic.In those days tong Mu seek Li Qiushui revenge several times, Li Qiushui is to rely on just small phase work to keep life.The enmity between the three old men is more complicated, another day to elaborate.The four must be Xiao Feng Xiao Yuanshan Murong Bo jiu Mo zhi ranked seventh Xiao Feng Xiao Feng kung fu configuration is not much, Shaolin kung fu base.Often used is the gai gang dragon eighteen zhang, although can beat the dog stick method, but did not zha used.One move to capture dragon skill, everyone was shocked at the Gai Gang meeting.Gather Xian zhuang, Xiao Feng was besieged.But had to drink to break righteousness to kill, with Tai Zu changquan against Shaolin xuan difficult wind.Xiao Feng set is strong encounter strong, no matter how powerful martial arts.He can learn any complicated move at once.And the combat experience is rich, is the God of War level existence.Xiao Yuanshan was the general instructor of Shan Da Zhang, the queen of Liao. His martial skills were the first in Liao. His master was a Han man in the Southern Dynasty.As a result of the relatives of the time, by the leader of the eldest brother with people ambushed.There were 21 central Plains masters ambushed him at that time, Xiao Yuanshan is like killing god appendage general kill quartet.Only Xuan Ci, Wang Jiantong, Zhao Qian Sun and Master Zhi Guang survived.Murong Bo, watching the battle from the corner, watched the battle scenes of both sides.So scared that he went home and shivered in the cellar.After Xiao Yuanshan hides in shaolin temple learns shaolin martial arts stealthly, discover during this xuan Ci and Leaf erniang cheat on each other.Snatch two children virtual bamboo, put in shaolin temple vegetable garden.Raised by Shaolin Monks, Xiao feng was on his way to find a leader.Xiao Yuanshan killed the insider at that time, kill gai gang law enforcement elder Bai Shi mirror.Xiao Yuanshan hidden shaolin strength for thirty years, after the strength than when Yanmen pass is fierce.Murong Bo Murong Bo is a descendant of the lost Kingdom of Dayan, and has always been responsible for the revival of dayan.When I was young and my mother, I met the yellow eyebrow monk with king Kong.Murong Bo criticized master Huang Mei’s diamond finger is not hot enough, master Huang Mei made fun of Murong Bo’s young lack of strength.Who knows Murong Bo but instant counter with king Kong finger, hit the chest of huang Mei master.If master Yellow Eyebrow’s heart wasn’t on the right side, he would have died.The Yanmenguan massacre is also murong Bo.Murong Bo later faked his own death, hiding in the Shaolin Temple and stealing scriptures.Xiao Yuanshan had three times, but two people wear night clothes, who did not recognize the identity of the other side.Murong Bo, in order to drive a wedge between Dali and Tubo, encouraged Jiu Mozhi to seize the six-vein divine sword of Tianlong Temple.Murong Bo is arguably tianlong’s biggest conspirator.King Jiu Mozhi was originally the great master of the Tubo kingdom, and the Buddhist practice was profound.But for martial arts obsession is also relatively deep, in order to obtain seventy-two shaolin stunts, murong Bo commitment.Take the six – vein excalibur sword spectrum, will be shared with it.With their own flame knife stunts, in exchange for murong Bo transcription of shaolin 72 stunts.After practice, came to the Temple, hope to be able to use Shaolin seventy-two stunts, in exchange for six pulse sword.Unfortunately, Master Withered rong burned the sword spectrum, Jiu Mozhi had to catch duan Yu this live sword spectrum.He stole seven books of small reactive power from Mantuo Mountain Villa and forced shaolin 72 stunts with small reactive power, which led to his obsession and was drained of internal force by Duan Yu in the dry well.After the internal force was sucked away, but the great enlightenment, eventually into a generation of monks, promote Buddhism, degrees of countless people.