Tianjin Port operated efficiently during the Spring Festival

2022-06-06 0 By

During the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, tianjin Port is bustling with cars and ships.Tianjin Port Group has made a thorough plan to ensure the transportation of major container liners, bulk cargo and goods for people’s livelihood, and all terminal companies have made a high standard start in the Year of the Tiger.A few days ago, tianjin port Pacific international company dock loading and unloading production a busy.Maersk Havana and Mattel Maersk, two very large ocean-going trunk container ships, berthed smoothly and began operation without waiting.It is learnt that the “Masky Havana” carries out import and export operations of more than 9,000 TEUs at the port.In the loading and unloading operation, Pacific International company actively implements the requirements of green development, and puts all 50 electric collectors into production to achieve “uninterrupted transportation, uninterrupted service and zero emissions throughout the whole process”.At the same time, during the Spring Festival coal supply operation also staged in Tianjin port.On the morning of January 31st, the scheduler of the dispatching office of the Coal Terminal Company received a call from the customer that the ship shenhua 522, with an export loading capacity of 50,000 tons, would dock at the port on the evening of February 1st (the first day of the Chinese New Year), which is a key thermal coal ship.In this regard, the coal terminal company has effectively communicated with the shippers in advance, scientifically formulated the ship operation plan, rationally deployed personnel and machinery, strengthened the on-site production organization, and achieved high quality and efficiency on the basis of ensuring environmental protection requirements.After more than 20 hours of unremitting efforts, this batch of electric coal loading task was completed.At 11:20 on February 3, “Shenhua 522”, loaded with electric coal, sailed smoothly from Tianjin port.The port works 24 hours a day, and the people of Tianjin Port, who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival, have contributed to a good start of port production with practical actions.During this period, a tianjin port company in the operation of “Yongfeng 88”, after continuous fighting, finished 7,728 tons of coil operation, loading and unloading efficiency of 322 tons/hour.With the “small raindrop” ship leaving the no.1 south berth of Sinopec Terminal Company, Sinopec Terminal Company and Huixin Company affiliated to State Pipeline Group jointly completed the first crude oil operation in bohai Rim region, connecting storage tanks and pipelines in Tianjin Port area.To facilitate the green Winter Olympics, Tianjin Port has made a good job of berthing, receiving and unloading LNG vessels during the Spring Festival.The pilot Center of Tianjin Port takes the measures of “priority acceptance, arrangement and guidance” to ensure that the energy arriving in Tianjin comes ashore quickly, and provides important support for energy supply by means of LNG night voyage at important nodes. It innovates the “on-site + remote” command mode by coordinating various links such as shipping, meteorology, tug and clearing.It has laid a foundation for effectively maintaining the stable security situation and unimpeded energy transportation during the Spring Festival transportation and Winter Olympics.During the festival, a total of 3 LNG ships were loaded and loaded, guaranteeing the supply of 500,000 cubic meters of natural gas.It is understood that during the Spring Festival, Tianjin Port Group set up a working mechanism to ensure port production and operation during the key period, keeping track of ship dynamics in advance, scientifically arranging production plans, fully allocating production factors such as manpower and machinery, and ensuring the safety, efficiency, stability and order of port production during the festival.Reprint must indicate the source of binhai release