Pain and happiness!America’s deficit with China has widened again

2022-06-06 0 By

The US Department of Commerce recently added 33 Chinese entities to its “unverified list” of export controls, CCTV news reported.In response, China’s Ministry of Commerce said it was firmly opposed to the US putting Chinese entities on the “unverified list” on the grounds that “their integrity cannot be verified due to the unsatisfactory completion of end-user visits”.In addition, according to international trade data just released by the US Department of Commerce, the US trade deficit with China in 2021 increased by 14.5% to reach us $355.3 billion (2.2 trillion yuan).Americans themselves believe that the Chinese are making money from Americans, so the U.S. government has the right to impose sanctions on Chinese companies;Because they think they’re getting the short end of the stick.In fact, China’s deficit with the US exists in many other countries.Through this seemingly disadvantageous situation, the United States finally let a large number of dollars back to the mainland, complete a round of harvest.According to us data, goods imports rose by $501.8 billion (21.3%) to $2.85 trillion, the highest level on record, driven by imports of industrial supplies and materials.In addition, imports of food, capital, consumer goods and other goods also hit record highs.Last year, the United States imported record amounts of goods from 70 countries, led by Mexico, Canada and Germany.Obviously, the US is not just doing this with China. Mexico is also the creator of a trade surplus with the US.Countries around the world want to sell their goods to the United States, and the more countries around the world make money from the United States, the more reason the United States has to impose economic sanctions on countries it wants to deploy tactics against.So far, the NATIONAL debt stands at $30 trillion, and the Fed has printed $30 trillion of money over the past 66 months;These huge amounts of money are produced by nuclear – powered printing machines turning toilet paper into paper.And it’s real toilet paper recycling.As many as you want.So, how does the United States get a lot of dollars flowing back into the country and contributing to its growing economy?There are three main methods.The first way is to build warships.The US military spends $780 billion a year, almost as much as the top two to 10 countries combined.A large number of “American toilet paper” procurement of steel, rare materials, copper and other strategic materials from around the world through military orders.With these military orders, the dollars will initially go to countries around the world;The US military then sells advanced and expensive munitions to countries around the world, thereby reshoring.The second way, “strategic” loss.The more American companies buy from the rest of the world, the more the rest of the world needs dollars.For example, if a big customer keeps purchasing from the enterprise, the enterprise will depend on the customer, but the initiative will be in the hands of the big customer.Then the U.S. flooded the country with dollars by repeatedly imposing economic sanctions.Many developed countries are similar to Japan, and Western Europe’s economic growth has been flat in recent years. It grew by 1% this year and then reversed next year, actually because of the FINANCIAL sanctions imposed by the United States.Sometimes a single American sanction can wipe out countries for an entire year, akin to landlord-tenant relations.The dollar is in the driving seat.It is also for this reason that the United States has maintained the highest economic growth rate “around 3 percent” among developed countries in recent years.The final approach is to convert dollars into Treasury bonds and stocks.The U.S. national debt now stands at $30 trillion and the total value of the U.S. stock market is $52 trillion.As we all know, the US stock market is the largest financial market in the world, and it is relatively stable. On the surface, a large amount of capital and emotions enter the US financial market.And all the risk is borne by the United States government.In fact, because the largest amount of money in the world flows through the US financial markets, the Fed adjusts the dollar exchange rate through capital manipulation and uses large domestic fund companies to attack foreign currencies.Around 2001, the dollar lost 30% of its value against major currencies, decimating the dollar reserves and assets of China and other developing countries, while the United States relieved its huge foreign debt burden.This is what makes toilet paper real money.The US trade deficit is not a trade issue at all, but a political and financial trap that no one can get away from even if they understand it.The huge amount of US dollars circulating around the world has solved a lot of jobs and livelihood problems.But the wealth and goods created by the people of these other countries continue to flow to America.With 300 million Americans consuming 26% of the world’s goods, they have the most wealth in the world.This is the gory reality.The United States has completely “reversed” international trade norms and achieved an easy process of “fleecing the world” through the combination of dollar hegemony and trade deficits.Instead of breaking the dollar harvest, people have to be reaped and reaped again and again, so of course America has always been willing to go through this “pain and joy”.