On the third day of March I pray for the dispersal of disease and human peace

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The Third Day of march is a time for the spirit of heaven and earth. Traditionally, Chinese people take a bath for the first time by the water, known as “fu” (clean). This is to eliminate diseases by cleaning themselves.Where spring is good, spring is deep on the third home.On Qingming Festival, West Lake is good and prosperous.Quarrel over who is right.Green willow and pearl wheel walk twinkle car.Visitors will go to the twilight phase, wake up drunk noise.The road bends the embankment.Until the city always flowers.– Song · Ouyang Xiu “Mulberry harvesting · Qingming Festival on the West Lake is good” Sanquan station on the third, the new leaves to dust flowers landing.”Sanquan Yi” in this plagued by the epidemic in the spring even if we no longer need to have the complicated ceremony of the festival but the good wishes for the elimination of disaster is still looking forward to in the hearts of each of us now may be difficult but a year of rebirth, spring is still in the night ended, there is always dawn to pray for disease receded,Peace on earth, let the world remove disturbing everyone can enjoy this moving spring picture and text: Chen Yanjun Review: Chen Yaling