Meet to ask sentence: “swollen neck”, result one party be in hospital one party be in prison to lose money

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“Have you eaten?”It is the most common casual greeting when Chinese people meet, but in Xuanwei city, Yunnan Province, such a greeting has caused a dispute, resulting in his own hospital bed, his neighbor in jail and losing money.Recently, the People’s Court of Xuanwei city in Yunnan province concluded the criminal case that made people laugh and cry.Lao Xia, 59, and Lao Yun, 61, were neighbors in the same community in Xuanwei City. Lao Yun opened a shop in the vegetable market near the community to sell steamed buns.On January 23 last year at about 12 o ‘clock noon, Lao Xia went to buy vegetables and passed by Lao Yun’s dumpling shop in the food market. He casually said, “Did you have a swollen neck?”Lao Yun thought the other party was rude, so he replied casually, “How come you have no family education?”Lao Xia felt that his kind greeting had been over-interpreted. He was angry and immediately retorted, “You have a tutor. Why?”One to two, the two sides of the rapid escalation of the war of words, and finally caused Lao Xia’s teeth were knocked out two, brain minor injury two serious consequences.Lao Xia went to the hospital on the same day and was hospitalized for 55 days. He paid more than 6000 yuan for the medical treatment.The injury was identified as minor injury grade ii by judicial appraisal, and the later medical expenses were 12,000 yuan.After the court ruling, Lao Yun immediately arrived at the case after receiving the notice of the judicial authority and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, said that he confessed and signed a statement of punishment.In the court hearing, the old Summer attached to the civil lawsuit request to investigate the criminal liability of the old cloud and compensation for medical treatment, the loss of more than 50,000 yuan.After a public trial, the court sentenced Lao Yun to eight months in prison for intentional injury and paid more than 43,000 yuan in compensation for his medical treatment, late treatment, missed work, nursing, hospital food subsidies and appraisement.Lao Yun refused to accept the first instance, to qujing City intermediate People’s Court to appeal.After hearing, the second trial judgment rejected the appeal, maintain the original judgment.Qujing City Intermediate People’s Court Hongyan District Li Si serve for the elderly Speak for the elderly enjoy with the elderly Welcome to subscribe to “Yunnan Old Report” postal code 63-60 all post offices can subscribe if you think our article is good, also please edit: Zhou Xiang review: Kong Wen