Kyushu futures early comment pig breeding profit is negative, at a historically low level

2022-06-06 0 By

Breeding sow stock continued to decline, still at a high level, pig profit is negative, at a historically low level;Pig enterprises in January – February market sales increased.Soybean meal prices fell, but affected by the epidemic, transport is blocked, new hope, Tongwei and other feeding companies announced price increases.As of April 1, the profit of outsourcing piglet breeding was -292.39 yuan/head, the previous week was -287.03 yuan/head;The profit of self-propagation and self-cultivation was -531.05 yuan/head, which was -549.21 yuan/head in the previous week, both at historically low levels.As of February, 15 listed pig enterprises sold 17.7949 million pigs from January to February, more than half of which increased year-on-year.As of February, the number of breeding sows in China was 42.68 million, 220,000 less than 42.9 million in January.On April 6th, the average price of three-yuan live pigs in China was 12.63 yuan/kg, 0.09 yuan/kg higher than last Friday, and 9 of the 31 provinces/regions were higher than the previous day, with a rise and fall range of -0.33-0.21 yuan/kg.The ratio of pig to corn was 4.46:1, which increased.Low rebound, suggest light warehouse.The COVID-19 epidemic.