Her boyfriend “dying” left 300,000 legacy, let her touched love turned out to be a fraud

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Past many years boyfriend sudden disease dies however for oneself left two or three hundred thousand insurance money in order to get this insurance money woman pour its all…Li, 41, met a man of her own age surnamed Zhu online in 2017.In the process of network communication, Zhu was humorous and witty, and after a few days, they established a love relationship.In the subsequent contact process, Ms. Li has not been officially divorced with her husband from beginning to end, and Zhu mou also frank his married already child-bearing fact, two people will get along with the identity of lovers.At the end of 2019, Zhu resigned due to the company’s dividend conflicts.Li then paid more attention to Zhu, who had no fixed abode, bringing him food, washing his clothes and renting an apartment for him.During this period, Zhu repeatedly claimed to be sick, Ms. Li paid for zhu to buy medicine to see a doctor.Since the first half of 2021, Zhu has been sick more times.Gradually, Ms. Li can not support so much expenditure, began to cold Zhu mou, the feelings between them gradually estranged.After feeling Ms. Li’s cold talk, Zhu mou heart unsatisfied.In order to cheat money from Ms. Li, one day in July 2021, Zhu told Ms. Li that he was terminally ill and had no medicine to treat, but the original work unit had a 300,000 yuan insurance for him, after his death, all the insurance claims can be left to Ms. Li, he has entrusted a friend Song to deal with specific matters.When Ms. Li was moved, Zhu said that he was about to die, but still owed others thousands of yuan, they borrowed money from Ms. Li repayment.Considering zhu mou to her promise of 300,000 legacy, Ms. Li very readily took out several thousand dollars in cash to Zhu Mou.On August 23, 2021, Ms. Li received a wechat message from song, who claimed to be Zhu’s friend, informing her that Zhu had died in hospital and her body had been cremated by her relatives.Subsequent days, Song mou to deal with the inheritance of non-deceased relatives need to insurance company up and down dozen points, ask people to have a meal and other reasons from Ms. Li took more than 60 thousand “service costs”.Three months later, however, ju s death compensation did not reach Lee s bank account.Feeling cheated by Song, then Ms. Li came to the public security organs to report the case.After receiving the police, Huai ‘an Public Security Bureau Huaiyin branch of the Forest police station police immediately investigated Zhu.Found that Zhu mou did not carry out death write-off, and his health code unexpectedly also in huaiyin area some bath center has access to records.Police speculate zhu mou’s “death” have suspicious, immediately put on record investigation.Subsequently, through the analysis of Zhu’s address and whereabouts, the police soon found him near a rented house.After the trial, Zhu mou on his own one part of the two corners, under the guise of death to do things, fictitious huge inheritance to defraud Ms Li money of the crime confessed.At present, Because zhu is suspected of fraud has been arrested by the procuratorial organ approval according to law.The case is under further investigation.Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.