Health insurance and social security two “treasure”, insurance and money, why the two days are different?

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Hi, everyone, I love finance and economics as much as you do, and I follow the financial news every day. Follow me to show you the latest information every day. As for the issue of medicare and Social Security, many people think that these two downgrades should be maintained.In fact, rural farmers are willing to pay for social security, but some farmers are not willing to pay for health insurance.Let’s talk about that today.Why are some farmers unwilling to pay for health insurance now?Let’s first look at the problem of medical insurance, why some farmers are not willing to negotiate now, the reason is that the price of medical insurance is rising every year, making our economic burden, pressure is relatively large, so for this problem, some farmers are not willing to pay.Sometimes it doesn’t, every year it doesn’t, it also clears out at the end of the year, so in that case, it’s not a very good deal for the farmer, so some people feel like they’re losing out, so they’re not willing to pay anymore.Medical insurance can protect people’s health, in fact, it is a very good insurance, but it may be strange for this requirement, in fact, many rural people who are ill are difficult to use medical insurance, except for hospitalization, except for serious illness, if it is generally simple may not use it.Combined with this situation, many rural farmers will not use medical insurance for the last few times a year, so they don’t want Ghana, just feel they lost out.In contrast, social security payments have been more aggressive.In fact, in my area, Social Security pays a lot more people than Medicare.Among the elderly, Social Security is almost 100% willing to pay, but some may not be willing to pay for Medicare.Why does Social Security actively pay Social Security?One of our principle conditions here is that we can get a pension after 15 years of payment and a pension subsidy at age 60.As for the social security issue, after 15 years, when you reach the age of 60, you can get more than 1,000 yuan a year, which means more than 120 yuan a month. So in this case, they will calculate this figure and will not lose money.For example, we paid 3,000 yuan in total for 15 years, so we get more than 120 yuan a year, and about 1,500 yuan a year.Then two years can get the 3000 yuan back, and then live another year can get a year’s money for nothing.So in this case, for them, the abacus is very willing to hand over.As for us, sometimes villagers ask this question when time is running out.Combining the above two situations, the farmer is willing to add or not to add the question.It just makes sense.Everyone wants it, so everyone doesn’t want someone who suffers a loss.So in this context, why we can see why Medicare and Social Security are two major issues.There were different captains on both sides.On the one hand, they don’t want to pay. On the other hand, they want to squeeze out a lump sum.What do you think of that? Please like it and we’ll see you next time!