Epidemic prevention and control in action | Po weir town outbreak of multiple measures and build a defence

2022-06-06 0 By

In recent days, Baoyan town has taken multiple measures to further strengthen the normal prevention and control measures, build a tight defense line against the epidemic, and effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic risk.On April 2, a notice about epidemic prevention and control was posted in front of the village committee in Tuanjie Village, Baoyan Township. Visitors can only enter the village after registering their health code as green and their body temperature as normal.At the same time, Tuanjie village has also set up checkpoints for epidemic prevention and control at multiple road crossings in the village to check the relevant information of people coming and going, and check out potential safety risks to ensure the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work.Baoyan town unity village deputy secretary liu Feng introduced, tuanjie village has seven bayonets, bayonets 24 hours to do someone on duty in turn, bayonets personnel have received the corresponding training, resolutely plug bayonets on some corners and loopholes.In addition, in order to further build the outbreak, Po weir township government after the mid to late march villages staff arrangement, not timing the door to register the information, timely grasp the whole town resident population and the flow of migrants, do base, measures, further woven knit up the epidemic prevention and control network, to ensure foolproof epidemic prevention and control work.