Can history be read like this?Children can’t get enough of history books that are intellectually stimulating, hands-on, fun and informative

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This article | “small wood series than I know more about my daughter.As soon as the child receives the “Magic Time travel Game book” and opens it, the child is immediately immersed in the world of reading.Sit there and read all six books, and flip through them as you go.Ask, the original is busy to answer.The Amazing Time Travel Game Book, which is a great book to sow the seeds of reading, is a great reading experience.”Magic time travel game book” a total of 6 volumes, its text author, is written by a few Russian children’s book writers, historians, inside the picture, is completed by a few Russian young artists.Read this “magic time travel game book”, can feel the style of Russian children’s books.Perry Nordman, a Canadian academic, argues in The Joy of Children’s Literature that children’s reading can and should be varied — even if many books have little to do with their own direct experience, and even more so because of it.A set of “magic time travel game book” reading, can give children a variety of reading experience.History it can read the magic game of time travel book 6 copies of content: the guests from ancient China Stone Age traveler magazine Crete films’ trip to the Egyptian archaeological notes, “the ancient city of Pompeii adventures,” “the secret of the medieval castle” each volume, followed the protagonist into a different time, different time and space.In the design of content, in line with children’s cognition.The narrative, interspersed with different games, turns out to be interesting.In reading, improve observation Remember that Song Minni, author of The Logic of Parenting, once shared a time when she saw her daughter’s observation was weaker than her peers.She found different materials and gave her daughter exercises to improve her observation skills.It’s a good way to practice observation in reading.The Magical Time Travel Game Book contains 6 volumes, each containing a different observation exercise.For example, in the Stone Age Traveler, find the exact same item on the left.Connecting the fragments to the mural in The Film Journey to Crete, finding two different girls in the picture, just to name a few, and in the other four volumes of the Amazing Time Travel Game Book, there are also games like this.Read the Amazing Time Travel Game Book, learn about history, and practice observation.In addition to the exercise of observation, there are many logical reasoning exercises in the Amazing Time Travel Game Book.In the Book Notebooks on Egyptian Archaeology, place names are described as corresponding to six books of magical Time Travel Games, each with different logical reasoning exercises.Let the child follow “magic time travel game book”, in unconsciously, improve the logical reasoning ability.Reading books, moving hands can do manual books, is always more exciting, who let my two children, are manual fans?”Magical time travel game book” in the content, but also interspersed with different manual.Get your hands dirty with the Nameesh headscarf. Make a comic book scroll and do the different crafts in the Amazing Time Travel Game Book. Enter the historical world of different time and space.Reading the Magical Time Travel Game Book and thinking that it’s good to practice observation, logical reasoning, and crafts?No, no, no. Reading the Amazing Time Travel Game Book is also very informative.Each volume has different knowledge points.These knowledge, perhaps one day in the future, will become the knowledge background of children.Kids these days, they’re really happy.With so many excellent children’s books to choose from, what kind of books are you not interested in?That’s okay. There are always great children’s books out there that take kids into unfamiliar territory.Kids not interested in history?Read the Amazing Time Travel Game Book. It turns out you can read history like this.Reading “magic time travel game book”, is relaxed and happy, the experience is rich.Each kind of content design, will take children more actively into the world of the book.Immersion reading allows knowledge to be absorbed imperceptibly.Children love every volume of the Amazing Time Travel Playbook, and it would be nice if the font were just a little bit bigger.Kids don’t like reading?Might as well open a look at this set of “magic time travel game book”, the cultivation of reading habits, from fun and interesting books easier to start.It would be nice if kids found something interesting after reading the Amazing Time Travel Playbook and wanted to read more about it later.Reading children’s books is joyful and wonderful.May children enjoy reading the magic Time Travel Game Book.Enjoy your reading.My name is Yamazaki. I have two children and I love reading.