A 43-year-old actress who has been out of the spotlight for two years has revealed that she is now worth hundreds of millions, claiming she can make more money from her side business

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On March 24, Taiwan media revealed the recent situation of actress Gao Yuzhen. She has been out of the screen for two years, and now she has changed into the CEO of a brand, or worth more than 100 million rich woman, which makes people wonder: what happened to her?Gao, 43, was once dubbed the “Goddess of Taiwan drama” and has starred in TV dramas such as Unforgettable, The Hearts of All Women and Love in the World.In recent years, however, she has barely taken on acting, with her last film airing in 2019.2020 to 2021 whole two years, Gao Yu Zhen did not act, many love her audience feel very sorry, even think “goddess” will withdraw from the entertainment circle.In fact, Gao’s fading from the screen does not mean a complete withdrawal.She made a comeback in 2022, starring ina new film with Selina.Gao said in an interview that she started a brand of facial masks in 2018 with the intention of doing it as a sideline while still focusing on her acting career.However, the early stage of entrepreneurship needs to invest a lot of time and energy, Gao Yu Zhen obviously feel some powerless.She admitted that if she continued like this, the sideline may not be able to develop, the main business also plummeted.So she decided to take a break from acting and put her brand under control until the time was right to return to acting.Gao Yu Zhen is not impulsive just do this decision, in fact, she had this idea early, just choose a suitable opportunity.In the past two years after retiring from the screen, Gao Yuzhen, as the BRAND CEO, led the team to achieve good results.In the interview, she revealed that she has a turnover of over 100 million yuan a year, and said that her side business is more profitable than acting.Now she is a billionaire woman, returned to the screen again, although a little uncomfortable, but she is very good at managing her time, so she is also very good in the new film.In addition, Gao Yu Zhen still discloses him and male friend feeling is very stable, two people associate 5 years career is successful, just did not marry in the near future plan.Gao Yu Zhen still is heavy with career at present, she thinks love is not all of career, everything goes naturally, need not go planning painstakingly.Gao Yu Zhen career development, love is also very sweet, can be called a winner in life.Since she and her boyfriend have been dating for five years, marriage and children are not far off, so stay tuned.In recent years, the entertainment industry competition pressure, many stars have chosen to develop sideline, such as Chen He, Zheng Kai, Sha Yi and others have one after another to open a hot pot restaurant, Guan Xiaotong has his own milk tea shop, Liu Tao, Shu et al live with goods popularity is also very high, they are not limited to the circle of business.In the eyes of outsiders, stars can easily earn high salaries, but the sky-high salaries are only a minority.To Gao Yu zhen for, take a play besides be heroine besides, the money that earn at other time does not calculate too much, so center of gravity is put on sideline, it is better choice perhaps, wish her career love double harvest!Gao Yuzhen #, # fade out of the screen #, # Sideline to make money # author: Zhifan Entertainment original, welcome attention, take you together long knowledge!