What are the preparations for self-taught Web front-end development?

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What are the preparations for self-taught Web front-end development?Web front-end development to learn knowledge content will be very broad, although it is mainly HTML, CSS and Javascript these basic knowledge points, which want to learn Web front-end development need to do what preparation?Here are five things you need to do before you start learning about Web front-end development: First, what skill level do you need to get employed?In order to get a job, you need to know what level of skills you need to learn Web front-end programming skills to get a job in Web front-end development.Just like a score in the college entrance examination, whether you can be admitted to the university depends on whether you can pass the score.Software companies have criteria for hiring you, so first you need to know what level of learning Web front-end programming skills you can achieve in order to get a job.Current industry employment standard: need to have project development experience, one year experience in Web front-end development project experience, one week after entering the company can participate in project module development.Second: clear Web front-end should learn what enterprises need technology IT industry technology updates relatively fast, so we must be learning the technology that enterprises need now, rather than some of the obsolete technology.So as someone who started learning the Web front end from scratch, you should know what technologies you need to learn now, and that’s what you’re going to tackle.Third: reasonable learning cycle planning reasonable learning plan cycle, you have to learn a strong professional technology, you must not blindly learn, must be to put all the content of the block to learn.The content of each day is fixed.There’s a term for learning to program called “step by step.”There can be no rush or delay.Study about the same amount every day, and then complete the knowledge every day, and master it, how much exercise to do every day, what homework to complete, to be clear.It depends on your ability to learn and how much time you devote to studying each day.For example: If a day lasts eight hours, it is recommended that the total duration be five months.If you are determined to learn Web front-end programming well, you need to have a technical mentor early on.People who teach themselves Web front-end programming techniques don’t really want to learn it.Most people want something without giving anything.Because the Web front-end programming technology is very professional, someone must take the early stage.The main reason is that problems cannot be solved and the efficiency is very low. The more I learn, the more CONFUSED I become, and finally the time is wasted.Lack of communication with professional people, after all, high salary is not easy to take, if everyone can rely on their own to learn Web front-end, then you should be 985, 211, such a strong learning ability.Because I am not a person in this industry, I know nothing about the method of programming learning, so I will certainly lead to many detours and finally give up.Fifth: determined to form a daily learning habit after the above 4 points are solved, the rest is half a year like a day of learning every day.According to the people I contact, most people give up in the middle of the process, the main reason is that the desire value is very low, you want to get something, you have to want very much, and pay a lot of things, most people are not like this, so it is important to strengthen your determination to learn Web front-end programming technology.Conclusion: Good learning methods and stick to it In the field of technology, there are too many things will quickly become obsolete, how to stay in this field for a long time, it must have a good learning method and stick to it.You need to improve your learning ability and constantly absorb new knowledge to break through yourself.Remember, there is no upper limit to technology.We have to learn any technology from the perspective of enterprise needs to analyze what kind of Web front-end development talent the market needs.This will give you the opportunity to think about what the market is looking for, which can lead you to a viable career path and where you want to go.