Scientific science | pig fat residue, actually not too slag

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When it comes to mouth-watering childhood memories, hog fat must have a name!The crunchy texture, the smell of oil bursting when chewing…Even in today’s rich material life, we still often think of its unforgettable taste.As the idea of a healthy diet has become popular, many people have raised doubts about the high-calorie food, claiming it is a “blood vessel killer”, which can lead to blood thickening, high blood fat and other diseases, and even life-threatening cancer.So the question is: is pig fat still edible?Why does it taste so good?Why does it taste so good?To understand why hog fat is so controversial, we need to understand how such a delicious food is created.To put it simply, it is the “residue” left over after the fat has been “squeezed out” of the pork during lard cooking.As fat is heated, the fat is constantly released from the adipose tissue cells, and most of the water evaporates, leaving behind a fat residue containing protein called lard.Because of its low water content and relatively loose texture, it is very crispy.At the same time, during the cooking process, pig fat will undergo chemical changes, oxidation and polymerization into melanin, not only can make food color change, but also can produce magical burnt flavor ingredients.No wonder pig fat is so popular with so many people.Clog the blood vessels?Cause cancer?The edible oil we usually eat is usually soybean oil, peanut oil, corn oil or olive oil, which are all vegetable oils, but lard is different, it is extracted from pork oil.Compared with most vegetable oils, lard contains more saturated fatty acids, up to 40%, while vegetable oils contain less than 20% saturated fatty acids.Studies have shown that eating saturated fat regularly increases the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which is not good for your health.At the same time, long-term intake of too much animal fat is more likely to cause obesity, resulting in the “three high”, especially for people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, excessive consumption of lard will cause a great burden on blood vessels.Although it is said that the “residue” is “squeezed dry” oil, but still can not conceal the truth that it is a high oil food.Therefore, Tadpole gentleman here to remind everyone, in daily life, eat animal oil and the delicious pig fat residue is delicious, consumption should be moderate.Many people on the Internet believe that eating too much pig fat can lead to cancer, which is reasonable to some extent.This is because in the process of high temperature frying, pig fat residue may produce carcinogens such as benzo pyrene due to poor temperature control, which is related to common digestive tract tumors, and the more you eat, the more carcinogenicity.Depending on the metabolic rate of the body, it is not recommended for the elderly or those with cardiovascular disease, which can be a very heavy burden on the body.Want to eat pig fat residue especially, how to eat the healthiest?Pig fat residue is not as “all evil” as we think, rich in fatty acids is an indispensable element of human body, as long as healthy and reasonable eating, pig fat residue can also provide adequate energy for the body.First of all, the elderly and people with cardiovascular diseases should avoid it, people with high blood lipids and hypertension should reduce it, and people in good health can eat it in moderation.According to the “Dietary guidelines for Chinese residents” recommendation, adult daily fat intake ratio had better not exceed 30%.If the daily energy requirement of 2000 kcal is calculated, then the upper limit of adult daily intake of fat is 68g, moderate is the most important, if excess, can improve the metabolism level through exercise or drinking tea and other ways.On the other hand, in the process of making pig fat, we must strictly control the cooking time and do not fry the pig fat for the sake of crispy taste.Don’t overdo it at a time, and don’t double fry for extra crunch, which can increase the risk of cancer.Even if you do need to refry the oil, replace it with fresh oil as much as possible. Otherwise, the repeated heating of the oil can produce harmful compounds.If there are many meat dishes in the meal, it is recommended to use vegetable oil for cooking.With the improvement of living standards, some of the delicious food has not been forgotten, but changed into exquisite packaging, has become the current popular snacks, it can be seen that the status of pig fat residue is high.