Huawei’s new stylus patent has been revealed, and it will be used exclusively for tablet computers

2022-06-05 0 By

For tablets, the stylus has become an essential tool.As an important tablet manufacturer, Huawei has always attached great importance to the research of stylus. For example, Huawei recently obtained a stylus appearance patent authorization.According to Huawei’s patent description, the stylus will mainly be used for writing and performing various operations on a tablet computer.At the same time, we can also see from the product design, this stylus is very similar to our common neutral pen, ballpoint pen, especially the transparent material tip is the essence of it, the overall appearance is quite retro feeling.However, while similar in appearance, today’s stylus is endowed with more technological power, so this Huawei stylus should be no exception.It is worth mentioning that although we rarely see or use a stylus unless we buy a tablet or do some special work, many people think it is a rarity.But in the early days of touch-screen phones a decade or so ago, when the screens were so small that almost every touch-screen phone came with a stylus, the stylus actually remained popular for a while, until smartphones with larger screens began to die out.Interestingly, however, this year, with the rise of foldable phones, there seems to be a trend of large-scale use of the stylus again, so in a few years, the stylus may have a second life.