Educated Youth Story: He went to the countryside to live with a fellow yi family, married his daughter and became a family

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Introduction: The river in the east of the village yo, hubbub flowing that big rooster yo, call people flustered my beloved ah mei yo, you come back quickly!In March 1968, Jiang Wanli, an educated youth from Shanghai, was sent to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan province to join the queue. Just after he arrived in the countryside, he and six educated youth lived in the home of a villager of yi nationality. Jiang Wanli was assigned to Lao Zhao’s home.The zhao family has three daughters, the eldest of whom is zhao Manchun, who is a year younger than him.Xishuangbanna has beautiful scenery, but it is also a place full of beautiful women.Zhao manchun, who was just 17 years old, has the beauty of yi women – fair skin and slim figure.Jiang Wanli at first sight of this beautiful girl could not help but look twice, and Zhao Manchun to the Shanghai guy impression is also good, after all, is from the big city, manners, dress is out of the ordinary.At that time, Zhao Manchun’s father was preparing to give his daughter blind date, daughter big early blind date, good morning home, parents also early peace of mind.The matchmaker has also found a new family, but the difference is to meet.But since Jiang Wanli arrived, Zhao Manchun is not willing to meet, said he was only 17 years old age is still small.Since then, Jiang Wanli eat and live in zhao, usually work together, two young people in and out together, like a family, Zhao Manchun affectionately called Jiang Wanli called Jiang Elder brother, Jiang Wanli called her spring sister.Zhao Manchun is cheerful and never avoids people.There are educated youth on the private said to Jiang Wanli, Zhao Manchun shout your brother shout very close ah!Have you fallen in love with you?Jiang Wanli blushed and said: don’t talk nonsense, she is a cheerful sister, see older some of the elder brother.There’s a tenderness in that voice. Can’t you hear it?The river was silent.At that time, not only material life was poor, but also spiritual life.Some educated youth bring erhu, harmonica and other Musical Instruments from home and play them in their spare time just to relieve boredom.Yi girls can be born singing and dancing, every grand festival, the team will organize a bonfire party.Men and women singing and dancing together, don’t mention how lively!The educated youth watched the graceful dancing of the local girls under the stage, and they were all stunned. They did not expect to dance so well and sing so well.Zhao Wanchun is also the best of many girls, after the party came back that day, Jiang Wanli had a strange feeling in his heart, that is, must get the beautiful girl who is good at singing and dancing.Since then, Zhao Manchun also felt jiang Wanli’s hot eyes, young people take a hint when a hint is taken!Of course she knew what he was thinking, and so did he?The two young men were ashamed to utter the word.That night, Zhao Manchun jiang Wanli about to go out, to the village of the river, crying to him: my father and let me blind date, bored to death!I’m 17. They want me to get married.Brother Jiang, do you think I should go on a blind date?Zhao Manchun means very clear, is to jiang Wanli as soon as possible to her confession, otherwise she this blind date may be someone else.Jiang Wanli this panic, this is not an ultimatum?If we don’t, we won’t get a chance after tonight.He gnashed his teeth and threw himself out. Jiang Wanli said the word “love”.The two young men embraced each other in the moonlight.After that, Lao Zhao did not mention dating his daughter, because the old couple could tell from the eye contact between the two young people that they were in love.Old zhao or some worry, he was afraid of Jiang Wanli will return to the city sooner or later, when the time comes to throw her daughter, to this end, he began to put pressure on her daughter, said she found a local stable and reliable!Forced, Zhao Manchun told his mother a big lie that day, she said she had and Jiang Wanli had that.Zhao mother was very surprised, of course, urged two people to get married, Zhao Manchun said to Jiang Wanli, parents want them to get married as soon as possible.Jiang Wanli quickly wrote to ask his parents in Shanghai for advice.As a result, Shanghai’s parents firmly disagreed with their son’s decision to marry a girl from the countryside, because the gap between urban and rural areas was too wide at that time.Received a reply, Jiang Wanli pondering, from the beginning of his zhao Manchun heart, to later found that she can sing and dance, and life care for him, her personality and gentle generous, such a girl can marry to accompany a lifetime, that is a lifetime of happiness.Parents have parents’ ideas, young people have young people’s ideas, no matter so much, first marry home again, then afraid of their disapproval?The next day, Jiang wanli solemnly promised to marry Zhao Manchun.On May 1, 1972, the two young people were officially married.After marriage, the couple are very much in love.Zhao Manchun played the unique yi woman’s virtuous and capable, gentle and considerate to Jiang Wanchun, let the Shanghai man experience the warmth of home.The second year after their marriage, Zhao manchun gave birth to a son.Mr. Jiang sent a family photo to his parents.Shanghai’s parents had to agree to their son’s marriage.At the same time, Jiang Wanli also received a notice to return to the city.As conditions did not allow, he had to return to the city to take over his father’s work as a worker.He sends half of his monthly salary to his wife.It wasn’t until 1975 that Jiang was able to bring his wife and son back to Shanghai.Zhao worked as a waitress in a five-star hotel until Jiang wanli put in place a policy in 1980 to convert his wife to an urban hukou.Later zhao manchun gave birth to a daughter for her husband, and the family of four lived happily.His son didn’t go to college because he didn’t like studying and became an ordinary worker.Her daughter excelled in her studies and was admitted to Tsinghua University, where she taught after graduation.Now Jiang Wanli has been 70 years old, retired at home and enjoy his old age with his wife.He said, this life and their love of women together for life, that is happiness!The joy of love lies in love, and it is more happy to enjoy it than to arouse it.Hello, everyone, I am a mu emotional park, one hand shooting video, one hand writing emotion field creator, pay attention to me not lost, we see you next time.