Where is the biggest sea of flowers in China

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The largest flower sea in China is in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Qinghai Province.Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, located in the northeast of Qinghai Province, China, covers an area of 6902.26 square kilometers.It has a long history, many places appear Cayo culture, xindian culture ancient villages, ancient tomb sites.It is a subsidiary road of “Silk Road” and the “north gate” of Qinghai Province.Tourism resources are rich, mainly consisting of “three sections” of plateau natural scenery and numerous historical and cultural landscapes throughout the county.In the east of the county, there is the largest natural forest of Xianmi in the province. In the middle of the county, there is the hundred-mile rape flower sea, which can be called the wonders of the plateau.In the west, suji and imperial city are the main prairie scenery.On November 16, 2020, it was selected into the “2020 List of the most Beautiful Counties in China”.The main scenic spots of Menyuan Hui Autonomous County are: Menyuan rape base, Xianmi Gorge, Haomen Ancient City, five-color Lake, Haiyuanshan Viewing platform and so on.Menyuan rape base, located in Menyuan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, is the main oil producing area in Qinghai province and the northwest region, so the rape here has become a beautiful and spectacular man-made landscape.It is a national AAAA level tourist attraction, the largest rape flower sea in China, the birthplace of small rape in north China, the largest small rape growing area in China and even the world, with a planting area of 600,000 mu, and an important production base of bee products in China.Into the menyuan rape base, like into a natural oil painting.The “earth art” landscape, which is planted with highland barley and rape every year, is very popular as a window to show the wonders of the sea of flowers.Xianmi Gorge, located in the east of Menyuan county, the large river winding rapids down in the fiord, the sound of waves is constant in the ears;On both sides stood cliffs, with pine, cypress and birch trees blocking the sun;Birds sing and deer disappear in the woods.When the breeze rises, the sound of the pines surges like thousands of troops and horses, shaking people’s hearts.Sunset glow and mountain green color set each other off into an interesting, elegant scenery, is the ideal resort for summer tourism.Haomen ancient city, located in the southeast of menyuan county.The ancient city stood on the north bank of the Haomen River on a platform, along the south of the high cliff, north gaoliang, east and west are deep trenches, commanding, majestic.The wall is more than 80 meters above the riverbed and is rectangular, 260 meters from east to west and 240 meters from north to south. It is 4.5 meters wide at the bottom and 4 meters wide at the top.Only the south gate was opened. The gate was 18 meters wide. The east and west walls were closed, and moats were dug, with deep moats as cuts.The city once had east and west south t-shaped three streets, laneway open, in order.It is a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit. In the northwest corner of the city wall, there is a stone carving protection symbol of qinghai Provincial people’s government.Five color lake, by up and down two connected lake composition, quietly lie in the embrace of white geta mountain 4100 meters above sea level.It is one of the largest alpine lakes in Menyuan.It is a collection of snow mountains, lakes, primeval forests, rare birds and animals, as well as uncanny cave as one of the lake, quiet and beautiful.East and west of the lake two white peaks, a smiling big belly Maitreya, like a benevolent bodhisattva, guarding sister lake, lake color is due to the different mountain and sky changes into five colors, so called five colors lake.Haiyuanshan Viewing Platform, located in the north of Qingshizui Town, Menyuan County, Qinghai Province, is the best place to enjoy the Hundred-mile sea of flowers in Menyuan.Standing on the viewing platform of Mt. Haewonshan, different angles present the sea of rape flowers are also different feelings.In the blue sky against the white clouds, overlooking the sea of flowers below, like people in the painting.