The hero squad leader in the movie sniper is a former “yellow hair” netizen: OWE you an apology

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The role of Liu Wenwu in the film sniper impressed us deeply.His mature, cunning, courageous image, people feel that he gives us a sense of security.The class president was actually the “yellow hair” in dying to Survive!Do not know that we have to see zhang Yimou director of the “sniper” did not, so far its box office or general, but the word of mouth is very good.Cat’s Eye is 9.5.On the fourth day of the year, the inspector went to see the same film.In the words of Director Zhang, the film has no energy to do propaganda, how to arrange films to follow fate.Because Zhang was busy preparing for the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympics.With $208 million at the box office, it seems he’s not worried at all.In the film to resist the United States and aid Korea as the background, tells the story of the beginning of 11953, China’s volunteers in the Korean battlefield in a snowy mountain sniper war, class five monitor Liu Wenwu with the order of the company commander, to rescue the scout Liangliang, and the United States sniper launched an intensive sniper war, known as the “cold gun cold artillery movement”.In the company commander (Zhang Yi) led the sniper class five soldiers marksmanship, especially monitor wen-wu liu mysterious sharpshooter, become bugbear of the enemy, a bright paper, scouts and snipers to master by the United States they are friends, assumed that the monitor will save, to take him as a bait, monitor wen-wu liu (ZhangYu) led the sniper team to rescue,The two sides engaged in a sniper war.The Americans have rangefinders, scopes, machine guns, food, mortar teams, even tanks.Class five only had good eyes, good marksmanship, and strong willpower.Mature and steady monitor Liu Wenwu is the spiritual pillar of the sniper class, every time the sniper killed the enemy people feel that our country has such a hero is really honored.How to launch a counterattack rescue, we go to the movie.But Liu wenwu’s character feels great.In fact, our country has also appeared such a marksman.Looking back at the real historical figures, in the 24th army, the 214th regiment of the 72nd Division, there is a hero – Zhang Taofang.In one month, he killed 214 enemies (mainly the U.S. army) with 436 bullets, and set a record for the volunteer army to kill enemies with cold guns. He won the special merit and was awarded the title of “Sniper Hero ii”.Good movie, need good director, good actors, this “yellow hair” is amazing!Totally overturns the impression I had of him.After watching the movie, some netizens commented that I really feel I should say sorry to him for misunderstanding “yellow hair” you.What did they say you were in?This time, your acting is really good!Have you seen the film yet?How do you feel? Welcome to discuss it together.# Movie talk #