Stuck aero engine, overtaking China corner?The United States could not sit still

2022-06-04 0 By

Now comes another piece of good news: how did China succeed in overtaking its long-stuck aero engine?A look directly sit not to live in the United States, because the aircraft engine has been the west’s patent, other countries want to use, can only be expensive imported from abroad, and western technology blockade to China, even if the domestic enterprise want to buy, abroad may not be willing to offer, but now I see China’s technological breakthroughs, the United States is really scared?Turbofan engine refers to a gas turbine engine in which the gas ejected from the nozzle and the air expelled from the fan together produce a reaction thrust.The graph engine aircraft engine because of different structures, can be divided into turbofan, vortex jet and turboprop engine such as a variety of different categories, now the most widely used, nature is the turbofan engine, a variety of jets, including air force of the fourth generation machine and the five dynasties, the widespread use of turbofan engine, the turbojet engine is mainly to use on the first generation and second generation fighter,Because of the shortcomings of high fuel consumption, so this type of aero-engine has been basically eliminated, and turboprop engine is the most easy to distinguish, the engine can be seen outside a distinct propeller.The graph engine compared with western countries, especially compared with the United States of engine industry, China is lagging behind, after all, the United States since after the second world war, it attaches great importance to the development of aircraft engine, in the United States and the Soviet union during the cold war, but also directly promote the progress of the aviation industry in this country, so much so that in the 90 s,The United States was able to develop the F22 and the F119S engine on which it was built, while China’s aviation industry was still not entirely dependent on Soviet technology. Even the J-10, the pride of China’s aviation industry, had long used the AL31 engine supplied by Russia.However, in a short period of about twenty years, China’s aero engine has successfully achieved a reverse attack, even if it can not say completely equal to the United States, but at least meet the needs of various domestic aircraft without any problems, which is also curious, how did China’s engine make a breakthrough in such a short time?In fact, at the beginning, China also adopted the way of imitation. For example, turbofan 10 was derived from AL31 engine technology, but it was obvious that China could not make up for the gap by imitation alone. Therefore, domestic aero-engine enterprises also made bold innovation and integrated relevant resources to set up an enterprise specialized in aero-engine research.In aircraft engine is under a series of measures, China’s aviation engine is soon back on its feet, in addition to military engine, many civil engines have also appeared, such as the Yangtze series, to know the domestic large aircraft C919, on engine choice is to use the general provide engine, in the context of the two countries’ strained relations,The REASON why the United States didn’t bother China with engines is because China already has aero engines that can meet the requirements of the C919. Even if the United States refused to provide them, it would be useless and would cost GM.Except in the field of turbofan engine, the gap is narrowing in China and the United States, in the solid rocket engine technology and scramjet technology, China has appeared the trend of bend overtaking, even in the face of such situation, the United States also helpless, after all, no matter how western countries blockade, China blocked the stronger more instead, it is no wonder that the United States now sit not to live completely.