Miscalculation of overcrowding “cost” driver “unemployment”

2022-06-04 0 By

A taxi driver in Yuzhou New Town, Yichun City, recently decided to take more than one passenger after estimating the illegal costs and profits.After be traffic police investigate, driver meng, how can buckle so many points?At about 21 o ‘clock on February 6, the police of xincheng Squadron, the second brigade directly under the traffic police detachment of Yichun Municipal Public Security Bureau, carried out road inspection at the entrance of xiapu health center in Yuanzhou District, and found that the taxi was overloaded with passengers.Police told Yang driver’s license to record 12 points, he was meng on the spot, Shouting injustice: he is just over 1 people, up to 6 points, how can record 12 points?Subsequently the police explained, Yang mou driving is operating passenger cars, more than the number of approved more than 20% of the illegal behavior, will be fined 200 yuan to record 12 points of punishment.Yang mou this just realized oneself dozen wrong abacus.Now driving license is temporarily detained, to be unemployed for a period of time, regret unceasingly.Content source: New Legal News (Xia Junchang, Beijing Fangyi reporter, Zhang Wenjuan)