Madian Town, Huimin County: Volunteer service at grassroots youth bloom in the “epidemic” line

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Shandong, March 23 (CNMACRO-net) — At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim. The young volunteers of Wangdian Joint Village, Madian Town, Huimin County actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control work, and contribute their youth strength to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic prevention and control.In Xiao Wu Natural Village, Li Mengyao is skillfully cooperate with the medical staff of the health center to collect nucleic acid samples for the masses. She is a 21-year-old junior student of Shandong Shengli Vocational College. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, she has actively engaged in the front line of fighting against the epidemic, making full use of the professional knowledge she learned in school to help the masses scientific epidemic prevention.On March 22, she got up at 4:30 in the morning, washed, and hurried to the village office, because today, Madian town to carry out the seventh round of nucleic acid testing, she as a volunteer, to rush before the arrival of the working group to do the preparatory work.Speak of the “little girl”, the old people in the village have said not over words, sun grandma infirm, action inconvenience, unable to go out, every time the nucleic acid detection is xiao li active sampling, ran to her house to her “looked at such a small child wearing thick isolation protective clothing to the house every time to sample for me, I really happy,And proud of the village for having such a good young man!”Grandma Sun said contentedly.In Liwangli natural village, there is also a “little girl”, who has participated in 7 rounds of nucleic acid testing. She has won the recognition of the masses and medical staff in the health center with her professional knowledge and meticulous service, and has set up a flag in the village with her fearless spirit of fighting and fighting.Speaking of Wang Tian Tian the child, wang Fei, the village secretary, immediately gave a thumbs-up, “In this sensitive moment of panic, every nucleic acid test, Tian Tian has taken the initiative to rush in the front, with her professional knowledge to resolve the restless and restless mood of the masses, so far has collected 7 rounds of nucleic acid, every time without her figure,She also used her practical actions to lead other young people to join the fight against the virus.”It is understood that since the outbreak, hemp shop town station, youth corps committee continues to launch new era civilization practice young volunteers to join in war “disease” is a line, volunteers took the initiative to “as the example, rushed in front”, cooperate Lian Village solid MoPai epidemic prevention publicity, personnel, information report, mark is registered, temperature measuring sanitizers, vaccination, nucleic acid detection and so on each work,With practical actions to practice the responsibility and responsibility of young people, let youth bloom in the “epidemic” line.(Correspondent Song Shuai, Wang Ning) Edited by Sun Ge Reviewed by Wang Jingjing