It was 12 o ‘clock when the epidemic began in Wuxi

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As of 15 o ‘clock on February 16, a total of 3 novel coronavirus asymptomatic cases have been confirmed in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and 3,434 people in close contact with the city have been screened. Nucleic acid test results have been found on 2,969 people, all negative.From the launch of the emergency response mechanism to the rapid implementation of various prevention and control measures, what has Wuxi experienced?Let us walk into countless figures, feel the wuxi war “epidemic” twelve hours.On February 15, the 15th day of the First lunar month of the Lunar New Year, the auspicious atmosphere of the Lantern Festival had not yet started, but the anti-epidemic alarm in Xishan district of Wuxi city had been sounded.Xishan district public security bureau Interpol brigade police Zou Qi just ready to sleep at home, he received the instructions to carry out the flow investigation work, he immediately put on clothes rushed to the northeast Pond police station, then the phone did not stop all night.Wuxi public security for the map at 12 o ‘clock on February 15th isolation hotel emergency construction in Xishan District Donggang town, the local emergency organization of personnel, materials, equipment, overtime for isolation hotel epidemic prevention facilities construction.On the afternoon of February 15th, students queued up to do nucleic acid. “You obediently queued up and obeyed the command!The outbreak involved students. Several schools in Wuxi organized nucleic acid tests on campus. Under the guidance of teachers, students lined up to take nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner.At 19:00 on February 15th, materials were guaranteed to be in place in liangxi district, located in jiangnan parking lot. The staff were carrying the love gift bags prepared for the students in the quarantine point onto the truck. The gift bags contained milk, nuts, biscuits, pens, books and other items.As the night went on, the telephone of the Epidemic prevention and control Command center in Dongting Street of Xishan District rang frequently. After the hotline and wechat group were announced to the public, residents in the street could find staff even if they encountered any difficulties in the closed management.More than 4,000 residents are undergoing nucleic acid tests in the Blue City Garden community of Xishan District, where community workers and volunteers hold loudspeakers and patiently guide the scene in order.Xishan District Committee propaganda department for figure 22 on February 15 stick to the front line at midnight, binhu river Water Heater street community health service center medical staff are still running on the road, for the area of the key population to carry out nucleic acid sampling services.Wuxi, Feb. 15 ( — The Headquarters for Joint Prevention and control of COVID-19 in Wuxi issued a notice no. 61, calling for further strengthening the prevention and control of COVID-19 in wuxi. Data teams in Xinwu District raced against time to check the information of key personnel provided by public security organs.The publicity Department of Xinwu District Committee provided a picture of the centralized sampling site for nucleic acid testing in Yunlin Street, Xishan District overnight on February 16. The local centralized sampling site for nucleic acid testing in Guangtai Industrial Park was arranged overnight to ensure supplies and reserve personnel.Free vegetables and meat were distributed to residents under observation in Dongdongtang street by volunteers at 7 o ‘clock on February 16.Xishan District Party Committee publicity department for the drawing