Big lotto 17 sun ticket, line with convergence, thousands of miles from phase

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As a Chinese saying goes, “In different ways, we do not seek each other.”Go the same, the same direction, even thousands of miles will be from each other, go different, not the same road, the opposite door is also impassable.Line with convergence, thousands of miles from phase.What is a “friend” in our life?”Friends” in oracle two words, “friends” is a lot of two vertical circle picture, the word “friend” is a fork to the left a fork to the right, a lot of two vertical circle picture, a fork to the left a fork to the right, what we watched two words like, “friend” word is the coin of two series of shells, oracle in two “friends” is not “month”, later reduced to a “month”.The word “friend” is two forks, representing two hands, the top hand, the bottom hand, meaning you give a hand, I give a hand, mutual help to complete a thing.With interest as friends, as long as our interests are the same, is friends.But “friends” is not the same, with the interests of friends, concentric friends.We can think about, in our life, your friends or “friends” more?There is no doubt, of course, is friends, colleagues at work, people who start a business together are friends, only the most intimate and the most tacit understanding is friends.There is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: “What a joy it is to have friends coming from afar.”He did not mention friends from afar.Because we have more friends in our life, “friends” may be few in a lifetime.Therefore, in our life, we should not always pursue fame and fortune, but care more about “friends” among friends.The participation of lottery is the development of public welfare undertakings, but from a deeper perspective, it is all for the same “benefit”, both inside and outside.Lottery participants participate in lottery betting for “profit”;Lottery tickets are also sold for profit.Interest is opposite to harm and disadvantage.There are pros and cons.Take a rational view of lottery participation and choose your bets carefully.Focus on entertainment, do what you can, and don’t overindulge for profit.Sports lotto 2022017 issue share tickets: Xiaobian hope and lottery people are “friends” and “friends, I wish you all good luck!The article first hundred number, by “caijing heart said”, original editor, do not reprint without permission.