You deserve it!The football association may reward the women’s soccer team with more than 10 million yuan

2022-06-03 0 By

Beijing (CNS) — China overcame South Korea 3-2 in the 20th Asian Women’s Football Cup with a stunning second-half performance and a last-gasp goal in stoppage time to lift the trophy for the 9th time in their history on Tuesday night.Such a result, no doubt to the winter of Chinese football into a warm current, but also for the Spring Festival added a brilliant brilliance.While the world is focused on the Beijing Winter Olympics, the victory of the Chinese women’s football team has certainly caught the attention of millions of fans.Five days earlier, China had notched up a humiliating record in Hanoi, Vietnam, losing 3-1 away to Vietnam for the first time in their history and missing out on a place in Qatar two rounds ahead of schedule.This result should be immersed in the festival in the Chinese people really added “block”.However, The Chinese women’s football team lived up to expectations and won the Women’s Asian Cup by defeating Japan and South Korea in the semifinals and final.This to the depths of the trough of Chinese football injected a shot in the arm.The move follows media reports that the Chinese men’s national team will be offered rmb6m for a single victory in the round of 12.The prize money for winning the Asian Women’s Cup is certainly higher than that.The source said: “Because Chinese women’s football team often wins a better place in the Asian Cup or Olympic preliminary matches, and the results of the men’s football team are well known, so it is normal for the women’s football team to receive a higher prize than the men’s football team.”So calculate, China women’s Soccer Asian Cup bonus amount is likely to break through 10 million yuan.