Original God: version 2.7 Arataki Idou festival, can customize the sound tour, and can invite players to challenge

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Piper: The creative Workshop is open again, and it turns out that players like high levels of freedom.Frozen pear: before the custom secret environment, let me see the player’s “friendly” ~ bold wild Long a dou in order to celebrate the return of long ki minori month study abroad, wild long a dou directly in the island package under a piece of luxury field, ready to hold a grand memorial, and named “wild long extremely sheng Shi Hao drum festival”.And spent a huge sum of 80,000 mora to buy the Shengshi Hao Drum, used to perform the repertoire.Shengshi Hao drum is said to have an original price of 8 million Mora, meet the right person will be appropriate concessions, and finally to 0.1 discount price let a dou won, which makes him feel a big bargain.I feel like I’ve been ripped off by unscrupulous traders…During the event, players can play seven pieces, which correspond to: Arataki Icidou, Makohara Manha, Koli, Toma, Thunder General, Night Palace, Wakato Dragon King.Complete the lowest difficulty can get 60 stones, activities can get 420 stones, Arataki · Shengshi Hao drum, other rewards.The sound of the tour layout changed to six keys, is still subdivided point press and long press two kinds of gameplay.Do not know how the spectrum surface body feeling, not how smooth with feeling, only hope that the sound is accurate.The delay calibration of the video game scene is also implemented. “Please press the interface, the left mouse button, the space bar and the gamepad confirm button when the tone is stressed.”The system will automatically adjust the position of the judgment line.You can also manually adjust the decision line until it roughly coincides with the position of the note you entered.In addition, the plan absorbed the feedback of some of the previous activities of players, and expanded some of the gameplay in the sound play method, adding the editing mode.Allows players to import existing music storefronts, as well as official levels, archives and historical play records.My guess is that the meha game’s genealogist wants to learn about the “human” side of the player.Normal editing mode: players can add notes in the current position by tapping the decision line. Long notes need to be added by long press when the music is playing.During the period, the rhythm line prepared by the official will fall, and the rhythm line will be absorbed first when adding notes. The degree of freedom is slightly reduced, but it is also a good assistant for non-professional musicians.Detailed editing mode: you can freely choose the type of notes to add, and the notes will be adsorb to the nearest time line when adding.Selecting the beginning and ending notes of a long note automatically forms a long note.And can adjust music multiple and beat, easy to locate the required beat point.Players can only save two saves per track.If you want to share it with other players, you need to play it yourself and reach a certain rating.Before the secret environment, the player can set the author channel whole live, this sound swim, can only honestly harm the first harm himself.Comments from the current tutorial, do not expect to be able to have many optional tracks, after all, need to add rhythm line in the tracks to assist players, a lot of work.At first full of joy, thinking that the “no man’s land” can be copied into the plan, the failure.Playability feels much less than custom secret worlds.However, this event also shows players that Arataki Isidou 2.7 is safe to be restored.It is said to be in the second half of version 2.7.4 star card pool simple guess: Goro, Kugi-ren.Is it a double copy?There is no 100% positive message yet.Players who like a fight can start preparing.