Exposure zhang Jizhong play bumper car fell, resulting in unconscious, net friend: next time play roller coaster and bungee jumping

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Recently, gossip media reported that Zhang Jizhong fell from a bumper car to coax his youngest son, causing him to fall into a coma. The news quickly sparked a heated debate on the Internet.The blogger said that Zhang’s life can be really big, a few days ago in order to coax his wife, accompany her to the seaside riding, unexpectedly fell from the horse, but also broke his head, but fortunately no big obstacle, did not think this time to play bumper cars.From the video, it can be seen that zhang Jizhong, 71, is not old, holding his son in one hand, full of ambition, did not expect to play bumper car, unexpectedly again accident.Du Xinglin said, her husband played bumper cars, is indeed his negligence, did not let him go to play, but his son cried, Zhang Guide distressed son can not go up, after all, his age has been so big, hands and feet are not flexible, is also very normal.Du Xinglin revealed that Zhang Dao had an accident, the playground has half of the responsibility, my husband is just in a coma, and no big obstacle.For Zhang Jizhong fell down from the bumper car, some netizens think that Du Xinglin is to inherit the heritage as soon as possible, and some people ridicule, will soon end, Du Xinglin on the line.Du Xinglin’s recent action is indeed many, first let Zhang Jizhong to ride a horse, then open bumper cars, but also take a helicopter to watch the sea, netizens joke, the next step will not let Zhang To ride a roller coaster, bungee jumping!The whole world understand, but Zhang did not understand, maybe this is true love!In fact, the video posted by Zhang jizhong shows that he really loves Du Xinglin. Every time, Zhang holds the baby in his hands, and the 71-year-old zhang has to cook for his wife and daughter at home.In this regard, Du xinglin also praised her husband’s good cooking, netizens think, Du Xinglin does not understand the rules, after all, Zhang Jizhong’s age, Du Xinglin should do it by himself, rather than let the elderly serve you.On February 12, Zhang Jizhong posted a video of his family playing on the beach. Some netizens wrote in the comments section, “I heard that you fell down while driving bumper cars with your children.” Zhang responded: “Rumors stop with wise people.Earlier, Zhang Jizhong also responded to the incident, said that the online rumors are not credible, just do not want to ignore it, after all, life is their own.However, some people believe that Zhang Jizhong’s account should be updated by Du Xinglin or other team members. It is not clear whether Zhang Jizhong himself responded.”After watching your video, I once again believe in love,” Zhang said in response to his fans. “Love is a power that can break through the time and space limits, but secular people have too many distractions, so they can’t see clearly.”It seems that Zhang Dao and Du Xinglin are really true love, no matter what, I hope they can be happy, to this, what do you think?