Weicheng to carry out enterprise safety production examination to strengthen safety management

2022-06-02 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception Shandong February 19 news (correspondent Ding Yanjun Liu Kun) On February 16, Weicheng district organized 30 enterprises in charge of the weifang city to participate in the safety production examination.Through the examination, they have strengthened their sense of safety and responsibility, and improved the level of safety management.”Weifang conducts sampling tests every two months and two weeks, and the results are included in the assessment of each county and city.In the future, we will also test as an important means of inspection safety training is in place, the spot test as an important basis for investigating and handling safety training illegal behavior, forcing enterprises really training, effectively improve the safety literacy of employees, enhance the essence of enterprise security.”Weicheng district emergency comprehensive law enforcement brigade deputy captain Sun Guohong said.Weifang diesel city will take the exam as an opportunity to firmly establish a “safety training does not reach the designated position is significant security hidden danger” of consciousness, is innovation, seize the principal unit of production safety as our first responsible this key point, constantly strengthen the head of the production safety, by paying special attention to the “key a few” leading “vast majority”, led by chief,Improve political standing and deepen ideological understanding.At the same time, combined with the actual situation of the district, multiple measures will be taken to effectively grasp the education and training work, constantly strengthen the awareness of the red line and the bottom line thinking, solid and meticulous work safety, to promote high-quality economic and social development to create a stable work safety environment.