In the New Year, choosing clothes for your baby is safe first

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Welcome the New Year, wear new clothes.The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, and many parents start to buy new clothes for their babies.How should scientific choose baby clothes?Shanghai CDC recommends the rule of “Smell, look, and pay attention”.A smell.In the purchase of infant clothing, if there is a strong pungent smell, musty smell or larger fragrance on the clothes, to give up buying decisively.2 see.This includes looking at the logo and looking at the style.Look at the logo: to check whether the instructions and product labels are complete, including manufacturer information, product information, safety warnings, applicable standards, etc.Textile products for infants and young children should meet the requirements of class A in the safety category, and the use instructions must be marked with the words “infant products”;Cotton fabric is the best choice for choosing baby’s intimate clothing, which has good softness, air permeability and moisture absorption.Look at the style: try to choose simple style, relatively loose neck, cuff tightness is appropriate and convenient to wear clothes off, carefully buy clothes with rope.Because the baby’s clothing rope is too long, it may lead to tripping, being clamped and dragged by external objects, wound around the neck resulting in suffocation and other injury incidents.Try to buy clothes with fewer accessories. Check the fastness of buttons, zipper teeth and other accessories and whether the edges are smooth when purchasing, so as to avoid the accessories being scattered and swallowed by infants and sharp tips or edges scratching infants.The durability label of undergarments should not be in direct contact with the body to avoid chafing the baby’s skin.Infants and young people’s intimate clothing as far as possible to choose light color, without printing patterns, so as not to hide harmful chemicals in the coating and dye, to bring allergies and other hidden dangers to the baby.Three attention.After selecting good clothes, it is necessary to pay attention to timely obtaining vouchers, cleaning before wearing, and checking clothes regularly.Ask for vouchers.When buying clothes, they should ask for invoices from operators, which can be an important basis for safeguarding their rights in the future.Wash first.New clothes must be washed and dried in the sun before they are worn by your baby to maximize the removal of chemicals left on the clothes during the manufacturing process.Check in regularly.Check whether buttons and other accessories are loose or loose when dressing the baby every time. Ensure that they are fastened before being worn by the baby to avoid swallowing them by mistake.(source: China Women’s News) Written by Hu Zhen Edited by Sun Yuechen Reviewed by Ji Chunxin