Hengsha Island, this “dispensing car” full of warmth

2022-06-02 0 By

Hengsha has only one community health service center. With the strict implementation of epidemic prevention at the ferry, how can the medical needs of the elderly on the island be met?In the rural community construction office workers and the village grass-roots personnel under the concerted relay, a “drug dispensing car” between urban and rural areas, for hengsha elderly set up a healthy bridge.”In order to reduce vehicle traffic and control risks, we have implemented unified card collection and drug collection.”Wang Shijie, director of the construction office of hengsha Township, said, “After receiving medical records and health insurance cards from grass-roots workers and volunteers in each village, we sent special people and cars to the downtown area to get medicine.”Every day at 11:00 a.m., the special car will take the ferry out of the island, and the sorted medical insurance card will be delivered to the docking person, and then distributed to the relatives of the elderly.After receiving the medicine, the special car will take the 15:30 ferry back to Hengsha, where volunteers from each village will receive and distribute the elderly.”On average, more than 100 cards are delivered by dispensing cars every day.”Wang Shijie said, “If it is too late to fill the medicine that day, it can be postponed.With the help of many workers and volunteers, we make sure the elderly get their medicines on time.”This is a special car that brings peace of mind to the elderly in Jaehoeng who are separated from their children.Reporter: Zhu Yuanzhe editor: Gu Jiali