Fufeng County magistrate Zhang Ping visited condolence activities

2022-06-02 0 By

On the afternoon of January 25, Zhang Ping, head of Fufeng County, and Cao Hongtao, chairman of the County Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), visited the impoverished workers, party members and families in Jiangqiao town, and conveyed the care and warmth of the CPC and the government to them.In hard worker xiao-ming Yang, the party member shi-feng wang and difficulties the family Zhao Zongyan home, ping, Cao Hongtao on caffeine arts and consolation money and the New Year’s greeting to them, and shanghainese, with them to understand their health, life circumstances and practical difficulties, thank them for a long time for the county’s economic and social development.I hope they take good care of themselves, maintain an optimistic attitude, face life positively, have the courage to overcome difficulties and create a better life with the help of the Party and the government.Zhang stressed that all relevant departments should go to the front line and grassroots level, listen to the voices of cadres and the masses, actively address the demands of the masses, always care for the party members and the masses in need, and properly solve their difficulties and problems in production and life.We should ensure the basic living conditions of disadvantaged groups, implement preferential treatment policies, understand their needs and expectations, and do our best to help them solve their actual difficulties, so that they can have a happy, joyful and peaceful Spring Festival.Source: Fufeng