Yao Ming to the national people’s New Year why the face of melancholy he will face what pressure and predicament

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Yao Ming pays a New Year call to the People of China Why does he look sad What pressure and dilemma he will face Yao Ming doesn’t really know Chinese basketball He doesn’t know the foundation of Chinese basketball Mr. Yao Ming, president of The Chinese Basketball Association, paid a New Year call to the people of China during the Spring Festival.Seeing the image of President Yao paying a New Year’s visit can really touch a little compassion.As a member of the post-80s generation, Yao Ming has just turned 40.This is a good time to be mature, experienced, ambitious and youthful.And yet he had begun to grow unkempt, unshaven, haggard, dull, and unkempt.I used to have an uncertain definition of a man: as a man, once he gets into dishevelment, he starts to lose his will and his mood.As a man, progress or not?Give the outside world a good look?For the rough-hewn man, there’s nothing to fear?Such a man, has seen through and see the society and the world, anything for him, can be understated.Yao’s public image gives us this feeling.Until THE age of 65, I was clean-shaven almost every day, especially when I went out to give the public a clean look and image.Since recent years, began to ignore their own image, several days before shaving, even when out?He has a stubbly beard, too.Pu Cunxin, a famous actor, was the idol of many men.In the past, a clean performance artist, he created countless positive characters and images, all are lifelike, upright and masculine handsome.If you’re in your 50s, you can still act like a 20-year-old.Now, he has more than 70, Pu Cunxin teacher has neglected his own youthful image, but he is still mature and experienced spirit.President Yao Ming is just over 40, and he starts getting sloppy?Showing off your old age?What about his current mental outlook and state of mind?Have you entered what people think of as the age of decadence?Seeing president Yao’s good wishes and current image, I have two conjectures and feelings.I. Mrs. Yao is not caring and considerate.A grown man running the world outside, busy with his business, must have a time and a place to take care of himself.As the wife of the famous President Yao, I have to care for him and take care of him.Let him in the outside, the society, in the people before and after, take up to put down!Let him be in good spirits, look firm, bright and bright step, walk on the road of professionalism.No matter how much pressure he’s under?I can’t put him in the shade.Can you see what President Yao is wearing?Wearing a dark old tracksuit, slattered on the inside and out, he faced the cameras and the nation.Among them dark depressed tone, leave outside a sad and anxious feeling?His face is dull, his eyebrows are dull, and he has a sense of oppression and loss.Second, President Yao’s poor mental state is related to Chinese basketball.Despite the arrival of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger in the cold winter, the 2021-2022 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) tournament has been plagued with disturbances, conflicts and league disagreements.Fans of president Yao’s leadership, also produced a lot of ambiguity and do not understand?As the president of Chinese basketball, he has a heavy responsibility.There are conflicts between teams, between teams and referees, and even between fans’ perception of the stadium and the event.Pressure from all sides, constantly hit him, feel yao president pressure is very big, very big.In my opinion, president Yao’s ideological preparation has not been up to much since he took power of Chinese basketball.In terms of experience and resume, President Yao has only been a player, not a coach, not a coach, not a leader in Chinese basketball and NBA basketball.In the past, he only studied basketball, basketball leadership, lack of practical leadership experience and work methods.How deep is the water for Chinese basketball?It hasn’t been explored, it hasn’t been studied in depth?He doesn’t know the foundation of Chinese basketball.Where is the foundation of Chinese basketball?In his eyes, what is only indiscernible and unaccustomed?He has his own weaknesses and shortcomings in governing basketball.When he played, he had a generation of players and friends.Like Bateer, Zhu Fangyu, Du Feng, Li Nan, Wang Zhizhi, Gong Xiaobin and so on.He probably thinks that by relying on his former teammates and teammates, he can support him and sustain The present and future of Chinese basketball.He looked at Chinese basketball too simple, too shallow, the support of Chinese basketball is not only this a few once companion?What is the foundation of Chinese basketball?Where are the most coaches and players in Chinese basketball?Where are the biggest basketball fans in China?Chinese basketball starts from teenagers. Where is the best foundation for its development?Apparently in northeast and Liaoning.From the current Chinese basketball teams of head coaches, coaches and athletes, which place and province people most?Northeast obviously, liaoning.Sun Jun, Wang Han, Xiao Sun Jun and Wang Bo are former players of Jilin Basketball Team and head coaches of CBA basketball team.Starting from Liaoning, jiang Xingquan, Li Chunjiang, Guo Shiqiang, Wu Qinglong, Li Nan and Yang Ming are the backbone of China’s basketball development.In the northeast, in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, there are more excellent basketball players, most of them have now become the main players in the CBA.The Guangdong basketball team, which won the CBA championship, has several excellent players from the northeast.Wang Shipeng, Zhou Peng, Du Runwang, Zhao Rui and so on.Every other team has people from northeast China and Liaoning.These players are the cornerstone and foundation of Chinese basketball.As a southerner and a Shanghainese, yao is not afraid to play for a team in the south. After all, everyone has local culture and local concept. “Who doesn’t say my hometown is good”?But work is work, business is business, big picture is big picture, don’t make it too obvious.The head coach of the Guangdong basketball team is Du Feng, who was once a good teammate of President Yao, and his favoritism of the Guangdong basketball team is particularly obvious.As long as the Guangdong team won the championship, he would cheerfully hand out cups and MEDALS to the team.He tried his best to create all possible opportunities and conditions for guangdong basketball team.But he wouldn’t give liaoning the prize if it won the championship?So that many fans are dissatisfied with this, all kinds of complaints and voices.For President Yao’s experience, I also sympathize with him, sympathize with him, but we still have to consider the overall situation and Chinese basketball, how to Do Chinese basketball?How will the road go from here?Now in the CBA basketball court, the basketball has been changed into the martial arts court.Coaches, teams, players and even basketball referees can’t pee in a pot?Unfair teams, players and referees?Give rise to conflict;Between the team and the team, but play basketball, to evil, in the arena, leg mat, deliberately hurt other team players;He broke the nose of a player on another team with his elbow;Even knocking out teeth and so on.These intentional violations on the court, all to Yao president confused?So he can’t do anything about it?In addition to fines, there is no other good policy and solution to the problem, resulting in Chinese basketball twists and turns and downhill.The real solution for Chinese basketball is for President Yao to come out of the haze of basketball depression, change and change ideas, improve the way of thinking and methods, and understand where the foundation and cornerstone of Chinese basketball is?Don’t be a pushy follower. Change our work style in a down-to-earth manner.Steadfastness, honesty, seeking truth from facts, straighten out all kinds of complicated relations in basketball circle, grasp the foundation, rely on the majority of colleagues to work together to solve the main problems of Chinese basketball, rebuild the glory of Chinese basketball, re-enter the advanced level of basketball in the world.Who can recognize this is president Yao of the Chinese Basketball Association President Yao sends New Year’s greetings to the whole nation President Yao lacks the spirit of the past President Yao slovenly wish everyone a happy Spring Festival hope President Yao out of the haze