China Meteorological Administration has deployed meteorological services for agricultural production nationwide in spring

2022-06-01 0 By

People’s Daily Online Beijing, February 17 (reporter Li Yihuan) According to the website of the China Meteorological Administration, China Meteorological Administration today held a video conference on agricultural production in spring and meteorological services to ensure summer grain harvest.Zhuang Guotai, party secretary and director of China Meteorological Administration, stressed that we should fully understand the extreme importance of providing meteorological services for agricultural production this spring, further improve the meteorological service capacity of the whole chain of agricultural production and operation, enhance the level of disaster prevention and mitigation in rural areas, and vigorously promote the meteorological service capacity of rural revitalization.We will make new contributions to ensuring stable agricultural output and increase farmers’ income, and ensuring stability and tranquility in rural areas.Meteorological departments at all levels should have the courage to shoulder their responsibilities and do their best to provide meteorological services for agricultural production in spring, the meeting stressed.First, it is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, take spring agricultural production and meteorological services for ensuring summer grain harvest as major issues at present, and each party should take charge of its own responsibilities, strengthen interaction between the upper and lower levels, and form joint efforts to ensure orderly and powerful meteorological services for spring agricultural production.Second, we will continue to be demand-oriented, vigorously promote supply-side structural reform of agricultural meteorological services, form a task list for agricultural meteorological services in spring on the basis of in-depth research, and provide more targeted products to make meteorological services more targeted in spring.Third, we need to carry out the fine service and improve the accuracy of the early warning system disaster monitoring and prediction, prolong foresee period, provide subregional, crops, lots of fine weather service, strengthen the spring spring sowing ChunGuan special services, especially in winter wheat field management of meteorological services that promote weak to strong, provide powerful guarantee to pay special attention to the spring agricultural production.It is reported that the meeting also made arrangements to vigorously promote the construction of meteorological service capacity for rural revitalization, requiring strengthening the top-level design, in line with the national rural revitalization strategy and firmly adhere to the two general requirements of ensuring national food security and avoiding large-scale poverty reduction, and constantly improve the rural meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation and agricultural meteorological service capacity.At the same time, the meeting called for strengthening the foundation of work, optimizing and adjusting the network of agricultural meteorological observation stations, giving play to the role of satellite remote sensing, establishing a national agricultural meteorological service index system, improving the domestic and foreign grain yield forecast ability, and promoting the upgrading of national and provincial agricultural meteorological service platforms.Strengthen scientific and technological support, carry out in-depth research on key technologies of meteorological support services, agricultural meteorological service technology experiments, etc., explore agricultural climate resources, strengthen personnel training;We will strengthen coordination among departments, strengthen resource information sharing and emergency response coordination in early warning, promoting development in poverty-stricken areas and ensuring food security.The China Meteorological Administration (CMA) recently issued the Work Plan for Comprehensively Promoting meteorological Service Capacity Improvement in Rural Revitalization (2022 — 2024), which stipulates that a meteorological service system of “advanced technology, integrated mechanisms, sophisticated services and strong support” will be built and improved by 2024.Early warning of meteorological disasters in towns and townships has been basically achieved, and agricultural meteorological services have become more refined. 95% of rural meteorological disaster warning information has been received, and the satisfaction rate of rural meteorological services has remained above 90 points.The meeting introduced the plan, and made arrangements for weather services such as Beijing Winter Olympic Games events, transportation, urban operation and energy protection under the recent rainy and snowy weather.