Zhuhai Port ranks 57th in the world Ports Rankings 2021

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Recently, Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, an international shipping industry research and consulting institution, released the global Port Rankings 2021. The rankings are statistically ranked based on the cargo throughput actually completed in 2021. Zhuhai Port ranks 57th with 128 million tons.COVID-19 has severely impacted the world economy and global trade and investment activities. After more than one year of global vaccine promotion and economic recovery policies of various countries, the manufacturing industry of various countries began to develop in 2021, trade demand significantly recovered, and the port industry as a whole showed a steady recovery trend.However, it still faces challenges such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions in the global supply chain, shrinking demand, and a sharp decline in capacity in the domestic integrated transport market.Faced with the complex and severe international environment and the multiple tests of the domestic epidemic, Zhuhai Port Group, under the high attention and precise guidance of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, has overcome many adverse factors, made concerted efforts to improve the level of port and shipping logistics, innovated the port and shipping service mode, and pushed the main business of the port to rise against the trend.In 2021, the group completed cargo throughput of 142 million tons, up 2.55% year on year;Container throughput was 2,355,400 TEU, up 14.53% year on year.The cargo throughput of Zhuhai was 128 million tons, down 4.05% year on year.The container throughput was 2.04 million TEU, up 10.95% year on year.In the statistical data of major economic indicators of major port enterprises nationwide in the first half of 2021 released by China Port Association, Zhuhai Port Group ranked first in the growth rate of four indicators including total assets, operating income, main business income and net profit.As an important hub in the national comprehensive logistics and transportation system and a major coastal port, Zhuhai Port is a strategic resource for Zhuhai city and the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Zone to fully participate in international economic cooperation and competition.It is an important support for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to adjust its industrial structure, optimize the distribution of productive forces and realize the coordinated development of regional economy.It is an important foundation for Zhuhai to integrate into the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, deepen the cooperation between Zhuhai and Macao, and develop high-tech industries and coastal industries.As to port of shipping, logistics and other industrial investment, construction and operation as one of the main city of the state and the main force to promote the development of zhuhai port, in 2021, continuously optimize implement “two-wheel driven strategy, xijiang – Yangtze river linkage strategy, strategy of logistics center, the wisdom green strategy”, promote the stable growth of the business, shipping logistics performance positive plate.In terms of port production, first, gaolan Code Phase II will be officially opened to the outside world, and the foreign trade capacity will be increased by 3 million TEUS. Gaolan Code has won the title of China Port Association’s annual domestic trade container throughput over 1.1 million TEUS and the average vessel loading and unloading efficiency over 100 teUS per vessel.Second, join hands with Guangdong Port and Shipping Group to promote the function coordination and industrial linkage of Qinhai-Macao port and facilitate the construction of Guangdong-Macao Deep cooperation Area.Hongwan International Code has successfully implemented the “One Port Connect” customs clearance service mode of the “Hongwan-Shekou” route. Through the new cooperation mechanism of combined ports, logistics coordination and seamless connection between Hongwan port and Shekou Port are realized, and the “integration of two ports” is realized on the basis of function combination, ship loading and unloading, data coordination and port cooperation.Implement the tax rebate policy of departure port in Zhuhai, and bring quality experience to customers with innovative services.Thirdly, Ganghong Terminal has officially entered into the port system of Zhuhai Port Corporation, which will form a closer synergistic effect with xijiang and Yangtze Ports in the future.Fourth, Xinghua Port vigorously expanded the wind power equipment business, the equipment cargo volume doubled year on year, created a new record of national pulp single vessel unloading efficiency, and maintained the dominant position of the second largest basic port in national pulp business with excellent performance.In terms of shipping logistics business, first of all, in line with the original intention of “leading navigation with port, promoting port with port”, the shipping sector has accelerated the investment of new ships and the expansion of river and sea transport business.In 2021, the total self-owned transport capacity will grow to 300,000 tons, and the controlled transport capacity will reach nearly 1.5 million tons, with a year-on-year growth of 50%.A total of 26 barge express lines and nearly 50 branch lines have been opened along the Xijiang River to carry out water transport services along the Yangtze River at the same time.In 2021, cargo volume was 11.74 million tons, up 25% year on year.Second, five new multi-modal transport channels will be added to align with the national green transport strategy.2016 sea rail transport channel line from the current container sea iron business development at the beginning of the article 3 of the rapid growth in 2021 to 30, increase operation covers coke, aluminum, resin, rubber wood, soy, ethylene glycol, and other commodities, covering west guangdong, southern hunan, guangxi, yunnan and other regions, to further expand the radiation scope of zhuhai port,Strengthened zhuhai port transit core position.In 2021, the business volume of rail-related container was 52,000 TEUS, with a year-on-year increase of 39%.Third, the gaolan European Port Phase II storage project has successfully passed the acceptance, and the pulp unloading volume of 580,000 tons will be completed in 2021.The construction of the hutong Logistics Park is progressing smoothly.Fourth, the supply chain business of the Group achieved revenue of nearly 14.5 billion yuan by developing new cargo types and developing new business models. The total amount of ship loading and unloading at Shenhua Guoneng Zhuhai Port exceeded 1 million tons for the first time. The supply chain business achieved remarkable results by gathering cargo at the home port of Zhuhai.Fifth, actively participate in the Belt and Road initiative and serve china-Latin America economic and trade cooperation projects.The smooth completion of more than 30 export businesses related to “One Belt and One Road”, such as Pearl River Steel Pipe Project in Nigeria, Zhonghai Special equipment and Container module export project in Uruguay, continues to contribute to the city’s efforts to build an important fulcrum of “One Belt and One Road”.Sixth, we successfully created the logistics general contracting business model and boosted the steady growth of “North materials and South Transportation” business.Under the continuous influence of adverse factors such as COVID-19, production limit of environmental protection in northern China, and inverted steel price, BSC maintains stable operation of steel liner routes from south to North through close cooperation with shipping companies.In the whole year of 2021, we will complete 50 liner voyages of BSC steel shipping from south.In the construction of smart and green ports, we actively promoted the use of shore power for ships at all terminals, and the annual low-voltage shore power connection rate was 16%.Hongwan International Code has added intelligent cargo handling system to all gate cranes to realize intelligent and unmanned coastal cargo handling of Hongwan International code. Gaolan International code has been put into use of pure electric stackers and hybrid front cranes, which has reduced the operating cost per box by more than 60% and reduced the emissions per box by 20%.Wuzhou Port installed an energy recovery system on light bridge cranes, saving 47.7% of electricity per box.In 2022, faced with the uncertainties of the global spread of the epidemic and the complex international and domestic situation, Zhuhai Port Group, on the one hand, bravely undertakes the important task of epidemic prevention and control, ensures the smooth operation of the port, and helps Zhuhai do a good job in the “six stability” and the implementation of the “six protection” task.On the other hand, in order to “industry first, traffic, city and the livelihood of the people to” as the gripper, under the leadership of the municipal party committee municipal government and municipal sasac strong, grasp the historical opportunity of zhuhai “four” area overlay, adhere to the “port of shipping logistics” and “new energy” as the core business is not shaken, practice four big development strategy,Accelerate the gaolan port of container terminal is introduced into strategic partners, Hong Kong hong, Hong Kong and Macao to wharf reconstruction, logistics park construction, on the logistics park project, such as work, strengthen the guide “to promote” efforts, and stronger to do best new energy plate, to build international hub port in southern China and well-known new energy investment holding group and make unremitting struggle,To make due contributions to zhuhai’s construction of a new era of socialist modernization and international special economic zone with Chinese characteristics.This article is taken from the “Today Zhuhai Port” public account. 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