Visit he Jie’s mansion, home area is quite small, sundry mountain is very down-to-earth

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Visit he jie, home area is very small, sundry pile up very grounding gas he jie in 2005 for taking part in a certain file draft of entertainment and successful career, he jie has released nine albums, and she has won many awards, he jie debut for so many years although there is no fire, but a lot of rates and zero zero after all heard her songs,Today we will tell he Jie’s home, look at the decoration of her home will be what style.He jie home sitting room area is relatively capacious, the metope of the sitting room to choose to use khaki for decoration, tie-in white ceramic tile ground makes whole space look more have administrative levels feeling, her almost all the furniture of the sitting room is reddish brown with white leather furniture, others a sense of romantic passion, and her living room and a big French window,The lighting of the whole space is particularly good and will not make people feel very depressed. A rotating staircase is installed in the area behind the living room of He Jie’s house. Placing the staircase here can also improve the beauty of the whole area to some extent.He jie her bedroom space is not particularly big, choose the wall of the bedroom with the wallpaper of Europe type style decoration, with reddish brown wooden floor makes whole space looks more elegant atmosphere, bedroom put a European style of princess bed, make whole space more beautiful, romantic bedroom area a set of white against the wall cabinets,The surface of the store content ark also beautifully carved patterns, make whole space appears more costly, the corner of the bedroom also put some beautiful flowers to decorate, make whole space more than a glimmer of life breath, her bedroom there is a big window, the window put a group of pale pink and white in front of the sofa chair, combining the usual can sit here and read.He jie her kitchen space is not particularly big, choose to do L kitchen design, whole space more reasonable use, kitchen metope and ground is chosen to use white ceramic tile shop is stuck, let whole space looks more neat and clean, the kitchen corner put a small refrigerator, the top also put a microwave, fridgeIn this way, the kitchen table space can be better saved. Small appliances such as hot water bottles are placed on the table next to the refrigerator. Although the kitchen space is not particularly large, it has all the things that should be available.He jie her children room space is not particularly big, the metope of children room selection with white latex paint match red wooden floors dirty space look more relaxed and comfortable, children room against the wall with a 1.5 meters big bed, bed and put some of the children like dolls, inside children room also made a set of embedded wardrobe, increase the storage space of the entire area.The children’s room designed a learning area for children, combined learning table can not only provide children with reading learning area can also solve the problem of children’s book storage, because there are several layers of shelves above the table, can be used for children to store outdoor books or MEDALS.He Jie’s home also has a special area for fitness, the wall of this area is decorated with beige pattern wallpaper, with reddish-brown wood floor to make the whole space look more atmospheric, fitness area also has a spacious bay window, usually can sit here reading or basking in the sun,Fitness equipment such as yoga mat or fitness ball can be placed in front of the bay window. After exercise, fitness equipment can be directly stored in other areas without affecting the daily use of this area.The toilet area of he Jie her home also is not particularly capacious, the Mosaic ceramic tile that her home shower area uses red white color will shop stick, let whole space look more beautiful atmosphere, a toughened glass is used outside shower area to do partition, can have better dry wet separation effect so.