Spare no effort to fight the epidemic

2022-05-31 0 By

After the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, the COVID-19 epidemic spread to many places across the country, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is very grim.Many Chinese cities are taking strict prevention and control measures to prevent a rebound.In order to ensure the safety and health of the people and effectively block the risk of the spread of the epidemic, a notice of adjustment has been set up for the containment, control and prevention zones in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and provisions on epidemic prevention and control.If you are a community worker in Jinhua community, your community is an epidemic containment area, but a resident does not cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, and argues with the volunteers that other communities are allowed to enter, but Jinhua community is not, and wants to forcibly enter the community.What do you do?As a community worker, I will fulfill my duties and carry out the epidemic prevention and control work well in accordance with the requirements of the community and the streets.If I fail to explain the uncooperative situation of community residents, it may adversely affect the epidemic prevention work.It could even lead to the spread of the disease.Solution: First of all, I will contact the volunteers in the community at the first time, pay attention to the tone of conversation with the residents, first stabilize the mood of the residents, and then go to the community to explain to the residents while arranging the matters at hand.Ask about their demands and explain the situation to them after excluding those who really need to go out for medical treatment.Other area can be divided into discrepancy may be because the area where has only guard area, and our community is the outbreak of centralization, according to the standards and requirements for sealed centralization is closed “area, never leave home, door to door” service, residential staff give yellow code, strictly implement the home quarantine measures, arrange the 24-hour patrol unattended, prevent personnel flow out,To do not go out of the home, the car does not go out of the area, the daily necessities home delivery.So even if volunteers let them in, residents couldn’t go anywhere else.If there is a need to community owners can send a group message, volunteers will be the first to provide services.Finally accompanied her home.Summary and improvement: Broadcasting will be regularly released at the gate of the community to facilitate the elderly to learn about the latest prevention and control situation, and news will be synchronized among the owners to avoid such things happening again.Pay attention to Huatu education, 2022 public examination into “public” not confused!Huatu Education Zhao Yue