Fangxian Xiguan Impression Lantern Festival series activities wonderful opening

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Gongs and drums celebrate the festival, and the Lantern Festival.On February 13 (the 13th day of the first lunar month), the launching ceremony of the series of activities of Fangxian Xiguan was held in Zhounan Square.County party secretary Ji Daoqing attended the ceremony and for fangxian fire dragon eyes.County party Committee, publicity minister Wang Ling, county Party Committee standing Committee, county office director Lin Yunguo, county people’s Congress standing Committee deputy director Rao Zhengtao, county CPPCC vice-chairman MAO Hongming attended the ceremony.Fire dragon dance is the most fangxian local characteristics of the Lantern Festival folk activities.Legend began in the Tang Dynasty, sheng Ming and Qing dynasties, spread to the present, enduring.It is an indispensable folk art project during the Spring Festival in Fangxian.Hubei province has been selected as the fifth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage.During the Spring Festival, the dragon will show its elegant demeanor, attracting tourists from all over the world and is deeply loved by people.Fire dragon dance is the inheritance of folk culture in Fangxian county, expressing people’s good wishes for a happy life, good weather and good harvest.Dragon dance with a variety of body posture will strength, range, speed and so on in the dragon dance skills, or dynamic or static, set high, difficult, in a pure, beautiful, and with lots of action to show a colorful dragon roll off the connotation with high precision and incisively and vividly show the essence of the dragon charm and fangxian county people take the bull by the horns and brave spirit of persistence, thinking forward.This Lantern Festival series of activities will continue until February 16, visitors besides can enjoy yangko sedan, dragon dance lion dance, play drum of peace and antique performance characteristics such as scene shows, can also taste the food all over the country, view the five-arched romantic night, to admire the bright lanterns, to a food, accommodation, transportation, traveling, shopping, entertainment comprehensive holiday feast and cultural experience.