Chapter 23 in The End of the Sandworm

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Two people followed the team behind, slowly close to the grain store.Almost there! Almost there!Liu Zhiyuan mused in his mind.The nearest bugs were two hundred metres away, but seemed to spot them. Strangely, they did not come.”We have seen before that the vision of insects is about 100 meters, and the vision of evolved insects is only about 150 meters.But their sense of smell is so good that the exact range is unknown, so they mask the smell with mud.Now, let’s get in.”Liu Zhiyuan into the first feeling is how clean here!Does anyone live there?The captain pondered, and said, “It must have been reserved by another organization.I think they brought some food from here.Look here, there are signs of dragging something.”The crowd followed the direction of the captain’s finger to see a white trace, and there were a few grains of rice.Liu Zhiyuan a clap head, chagrin of thought: if I can discover first good.Captain liu Zhiyuan and fat two people responsible for the alert, the other two people move things, the captain to command.Two team members have moved a bag of 80 jin of rice and a basket of eggs back to the base, the captain and Liu Zhiyuan three people in the grain store to wait for them to come back to continue to move.The captain asked Liu Zhiyuan curiously: “where did you go with Feng in the morning?”Liu Zhiyuan white he one eye, say “office.”The captain asked again, “Were you scolded by the president?Liu Zhiyuan not good spirit of say: “my battalion commander scold me stem what, we in that to catch up just!”The captain is surprised and says: “What!Were you together before?””Yes, and fought the Americans together!””Three Wars?””Yes.”Liu Zhiyuan looked at the stunned captain.After a long time, the captain just said: “you and president relationship is very good?”Fat man no matter Liu Zhiyuan, answer first: “rightness, our zhiyuan and president relation is not general good, you think, that is a good brother go through life and death together!”Fat one face of pride, the expression on the face seems to say: you have to be respectful to us later, or you will die!