Jiangxi police guard “China Red” with “Police Blue”

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Nonyl tiger) in the New Year auspicious peace to every family immersion reunion holidays the provincial public security police loyalty started their selfless dedication s home for everyone to hold with loyalty and persistence write responsibility with responsibility and dedication to protect peaceful public security auxiliary police stick to all the people of nanchang dedication to the job in the prevention and control of unattended and patrol web celebrity scenic area, the market or shops, department stores and the stationGarden, where there is need to have figure ZhangGong public security police no matter wind or rain everywhere have their figure in scenic spot, station, bazaar, crowded place step tour are extra trains to cruise with red and blue flashing light ZhangGong “lights” safe mountain lushan police in advance forecast travel peak scientific deployment of police tourists intensive regional transfer order active guiding tourists “four check area” enthusiasm for touristsConsulting services for orderly ruijin public security to ensure everyone mountaineering traffic line painstakingly, overtime, accident hidden trouble and safe to maintain peace road unobstructed shicheng police lights is to protect the peace “lighthouse” patrol, security check, the crime they have not negligent they use action to the masses “peace” lunar New Year gift AnYuan public security innovation development “the policeShop “anti cheat propaganda mode to study out during Spring Festival, migrant workers returning home staff promotion is cheat fraud prevention consciousness muzzled people’s purse GuangChang public security work, loyalty since the stick to answering the call 24 hours service the masses of the people to carry out propaganda against fraud, mediate disputes with a loyal guardian, with action practice pledge YiFeng public security for peace year reunion guard 24 hours I seePolice cars, see the lights, see the police to ensure public security order steadily at the public security with key parts of the city as the core to the main road, the back streets surrounding the radiation all-around cruise control improve street see alarm rate, the charge rate go before police stick to move the BeiQin maximum elevate police on the street see p rate, the rate of charge, let people feel safe around south iron police strengthen station cruiseToday, the provincial public security Department arranged 200 police officers to support Nanchang to carry out patrol, prevention and control, and serve the masses. Jiangxi public security embraced the New Year in its own way on the postIn order to dream stick to the post line with “police blue” guard “New Year red” for the people to celebrate the New Year to create a harmonious and stable environment comprehensive/local public security