After the women’s top!Huang Jianxiang suggested absolutely, Water Qingxia say the key, Korean media this time really lost

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For Chinese football fans celebrating the lunar New Year, the good news has been one after another lately.The women’s football team swept through the Asian Cup and won the tournament under extremely difficult circumstances, once again topping Asia.So what are the messages to watch from this summit?Check it out today.After the women’s top!Huang Jianxiang suggested absolutely, water guidance say the key, Korean media this time really weak.The women’s team has always had less room to survive than the men’s, even when they have far better records over the same period.Men’s football team’s annual investment is great, but the output is very little, to the end, even the way of naturalization can not go.In this situation, there are calls for women’s football to be given enough attention and generous bonuses.As far as bonuses are concerned, huang Jianxiang’s advice is the best.After the match Huang Jianxiang said directly, ask the football association in accordance with the men’s soccer bonus standard twice to women’s soccer bonus.But in terms of this tournament prize money, so far it has been very rich.But no amount of money is too much for women’s football. They are the ones doing the real work.As far as this tournament is concerned, the women’s soccer team’s change of coach can be said to be a great success.As we all know, the women’s soccer team failed to play to its strength in the Tokyo Olympics.To some extent, it’s the coaching staff’s problem.After the change of coach, the Asian Cup is the best proof.Women’s soccer has had its fair share of setbacks in the Asian Cup, but it has always survived.Women’s coach Shui Qingxia gave the key words after the game, telling the players not to be discouraged at halftime.More importantly, Shui qingxia guided the two substitutions very correct, in addition to the tactical arrangements are also very in place.To some extent, shui Qingxia guidance lang Ping guidance temperament, two more like.Let’s take a look at what Korean media have said, or quite interesting, this time is really wussy.Before the match began, Korean media kept satirizing and satirizing the women’s football team.But after they failed to win the championship, they had nothing to say but a howl.Some South Korean media directly said that the 30-year dream was shattered three minutes before the final.Others said they did not cross the Great Wall.Some South Korean media consoled themselves, saying that the second place was the first time in history.The women’s victory was inspiring, but it was only the beginning.I hope the Chinese women’s football team can achieve better results in the future, and people will focus more attention on them.