Zhuhai launched 66 tasks for comprehensively deepening reform this year

2022-05-29 0 By

Key Points of Work for Comprehensively Deepening Reform of Zhuhai City in 2022 (hereinafter referred to as “Key points”) have been officially issued recently.According to the deployment, Zhuhai will formulate a number of policies and measures to support young people from Hong Kong and Macao to work and start businesses in Zhuhai, and facilitate the entry and exit of foreign nationals and people from exhibition, cultural tourism and other industries into the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao in-depth cooperation Zone.With support and services for the construction of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone as the overall focus, 66 reform tasks in 9 areas have been launched with the focus on “industry first, transportation improvement, urban development and people’s livelihood as the priority”.The key points are to deepen coordination and provide full support and services to the construction of hengqin Guangdong-Macao deep cooperation Zone.It is reported that Zhuhai will speed up the preparation of the Hezhou New Area, and strive to expand the Hengqin Free Trade Zone into hezhou integration area and airport and seaport areas.We will formulate policies and measures to support young people from Hong Kong and Macao in coming to Work or start businesses in Zhuhai, and promote the establishment of a high-level collaborative development mechanism for talent work in Zhuqin Macao.In view of the demand for overseas professionals to work in China, Zhuhai proposes to support professionals in finance, architecture, planning, design and other fields with overseas qualification to provide services in the cooperation zone under the conditions of meeting the requirements of industry supervision, and their overseas working experience can be regarded as domestic working experience.We encourage medical professionals with Macao and other overseas qualifications to obtain domestic practice qualifications in accordance with the law.In terms of convenient australia-related services, Zhuhai will expand the channels for verifying the information of Hong Kong and Macao residents’ residence permits and facilitate the application of such permits.Facilitate the entry and exit of foreign nationals, exhibition, cultural tourism and other industries.In addition, Zhuhai will further promote the construction of guangdong and Macao Cross-border financial cooperation (Zhuhai) demonstration zone, work with Macao to develop modern financial industry, and speed up the construction of a financial center with regional characteristics.We will deepen cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao in science, technology and innovation, work with Macao to establish a Science and technology exchange and cooperation center between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and work for the establishment of an Australia-Zhuhai industry-university-research innovation Alliance.In terms of epidemic prevention and control, Zhuhai will speed up the reform of the disease control system and the construction of the public health emergency management system.We will further optimize the system and mechanism for regular epidemic prevention and control, improve the multi-channel monitoring and early warning mechanism, strengthen zhuhai-Macao joint prevention and control, formulate a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control emergency plan, and comprehensively improve the capacity and level of epidemic prevention and control emergency response.Reporter CAI Ruyi and Wu Zhiyuan (Nanfang Daily)