Yongxiu public security during the Spring Festival strictly check overmanned traffic violations!

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To strengthen during the Spring Festival transportation safety management to ensure the safety of road traffic during the Spring Festival forever repairing strictly implement the deployment of the festival in the prefecture county public security bureau each important intersection set fixed ZhiQinDian implement 24 hours service mechanism for vehicles especially the van, passenger vehicle inspection scrutiny introduce one overload such outstanding traffic law made good travel security clearance with open small long holiday during the Spring Festival, in addition to the passenger vehicles, cars drive travel becomes one of main ways, conventional van passenger and cargo, such as car one phenomenon is more prominent, to the general public the masses to create a safe, orderly and smooth road traffic environment, let everybody sat down in the “FangXinChe” during the Spring Festival, and county public security bureau to take effective measures, scientific and reasonable deployment of police,Organize police stations and traffic police squadrons to strictly investigate key traffic violations involving overcrowding at different times and in different regions.According to statistics, a total of 58 traffic violations involving overcrowding have been detected since the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush.Yongxiu County public Security Bureau according to the traffic safety situation of the jurisdiction, scientific deployment of police, strengthen the control and guidance of key periods, sections, forming a situation of strict investigation, strict control.National and provincial roads, rural roads and other roads with a large traffic volume of vans will be taken as key control areas, and dynamic patrol along the whole line and static investigation at all temporary duty stations will be adopted.Strengthen the investigation and punishment of traffic violations such as overcrowding, overloading, fatigue driving, drunk driving, licensing, illegal modification, illegal operation of chartered cars, overcrowding passenger carpooling and other key vehicles passing through the area, and eliminate road traffic safety risks in a timely manner.In the inspection, the police on duty on the past bus, van and other key vehicles one by one inspection, one by one registration, strictly check the vehicle overcrowding, related to license, passenger and cargo mix, fatigue driving and other traffic violations.Vehicles for illegal traffic behavior, and do not eliminate illegal release, not to carry on the education not release, not punishment according to law shall not release, to put the safety of travel of the people in mind, form a fight, bat, YanZhi, punish severely high-pressure situation, go all out to build a Spring Festival transportation safety, ensure the masses travel safety.Police wen Xin mentioned the harm of overcrowding one, the harm of overcrowding bus.Passenger car overmanned harm is great: first of all, overmanned will increase the body, reduce the safety of the vehicle;Secondly, the crowded car, not only ventilation problems, once the accident, increased the difficulty of passengers escape;Finally, the mechanical properties of the vehicle itself will increase wear and tear due to overcrowding.Passenger car overcrowding is a very serious traffic violation, which is easy to cause mass death and mass injury.Two, the harm of overmanned cab.On urban and rural roads, we can often see three or four people crowded together in the driving room of motor vehicles, which seriously threatens driving safety.The main reason for overcrowding in the driver’s cab is that the driver’s subjective safety consciousness is weak, or due to face, he or she will take shippers, stevedovers, relatives and friends, local acquaintances or his family members by the way, but overcrowding in the driver’s cab is very harmful.1. Impede operation.Crowded in the cockpit, when the driver operates the steering wheel, shifts gears and brakes, he will often lose alignment due to the obstruction of others’ bodies. Especially when turning right, the body of the occupant will fall back to the driver, making the driver unable to operate in place or in a timely manner, and unable to deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner.2, produce false action.The occupant crowded in the limited space of the cab, when feeling uncomfortable and change the sitting position, often unconsciously pull the steering wheel to help, resulting in the vehicle direction out of control;Or feet are nowhere to put and touch the gear lever, resulting in the vehicle out of gear;After parking handle braking, occupant’s foot is easy to kick or hand presses hand brake lever, resulting in hand brake failure.3. Distract.More passengers in the cockpit will inevitably chat, and some will take the initiative to chat with the driver. Even if they do not talk to the driver, it is easy to distract the driver’s attention because they talk and laugh all the way.When something new pops up, you may be caught off guard by distraction.4, affect the line of sight.Due to overcrowding in the cab, it is easy to block the rear view mirror on the right side, affecting the driver’s observation of traffic conditions such as vehicles and pedestrians on the right side of the road, and artificially forming blind areas of sight, which is not conducive to driving safety.5. Others pull and jerk.Some passengers curiosity, after witnessing the driver’s operation in the cab also want to have a try, then take advantage of the driver does not pay attention to or when the driver gets off his disorderly pull, due to the lack of mechanical knowledge and road safety knowledge, often cause the vehicle out of control and lead to an accident.6. Easy to injure passengers.There is no armrest or other barrier in front of the passenger seat in the cockpit. When the driver encounters an emergency and suddenly brakes, the occupant sitting in the cockpit is easy to hit the front windshield, and will break the windshield and throw out of the car when it is serious.In addition, when driving once encounter cannot avoid the collision, the driver often unconsciously turn the direction, the passenger seat hit the object, easy to cause casualties of passengers.During the Spring Festival in 2022, wing will organize county public security bureau police station, the traffic police squadron police comprehensive increase of cars (including vans, cars, buses, etc.), motorcycles (including two motorcycles, three-wheeled motorcycle), electric rounds (including two electric vehicles, electric vehicles, four-wheel electric vehicle) and other kinds of vehicle the overcrowded traffic violation investigation dynamics,Hope that the majority of traffic participants consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, maintain good road traffic order.Spring Festival travel home, safety first don’t put the safety on luck consciously do not drive overmanned car, don’t sit overmanned car don’t ride in illegal operating vehicles driving vehicles please fasten your seat belt safety is the closest to home, I hope you can follow the rules and regulations to go home safely,Happy New Year Yongxiu traffic police wish you a safe journey Yongxiu traffic light audit Zhong Xiaoyong editor Song Liangliang statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com