Weihai 51 old residential area this year!See if you have your community?

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Weihai issued a notice on Comprehensively Promoting the Renovation of Old residential areas in 2022, and 51 renovation projects of old residential areas have been included in the provincial project database, benefiting 36,700 households.According to the circular, rainwater diversion will be a “mandatory reform” for old residential areas to be renovated after 2022 and all of them will meet the three-star wisdom standard.This year, the renovation project of the old residential area involves a floor area of 3.3803 million square meters and 1,133 residential buildings, with a planned total investment of 721 million yuan.The circular makes it clear that, in principle, the renovation plan of each project should be completely modified in the basic category, with no less than two in the improvement category and no less than two in the improvement category.The scheme should be closely combined with urban renewal, exquisite city, sponge city, smart residential area, red property and other contents, and the old residential area should be designed into characteristic residential area, cultural residential area and exquisite residential area.”Notice” points out that in accordance with the principle of emergency first, then delay, combination of points and areas, highlighting the key points, the city’s old community sewage, rainwater, rainwater and sewage confluence pipe network to carry out systematic drainage, combined with the old community reform plan, the development of residential community rainwater and sewage confluence pipe network reform plan.The renovation of old residential areas after 2022 (including 2022) must include the transformation of rainwater and sewage diversion;In 2020-2021, the old residential areas that have not undergone the rainwater and sewage diversion transformation should also formulate the transformation plan and be included in the rainwater and sewage diversion transformation.By 2023, the combined rainwater and sewage pipe network in old residential areas will be cleared.This year, Weihai will continue to standardize the wiring, communication cable, cable TV and other lines set up in the residential area (including inside and outside the corridor).All outdoor pipelines should be buried underground if possible.Encourage the adoption of fiber-optic access to the home, and let users freely choose telecom service operators;The communication network should meet the daily life of residents and the application needs of smart residential areas, and reserve the capacity of the new generation of business development to meet the needs of the community’s future network upgrade and 5G construction.It is necessary to actively standardize the management of charging and parking of electric vehicles in residential areas, and build centralized parking and charging places of electric vehicles in the residential areas with conditions.In line with the principle of owners’ voluntary, full consultation and proper government subsidy, we will actively promote the installation of elevators in existing houses.With the goal of building a smart community with “intelligent facilities, convenient services, fine governance and livable environment”, we will further promote the smart transformation of old communities.The overall planning of smart transformation shall be included in the renovation of old residential areas. After the renovation, all the old residential areas shall reach the three-star wisdom standard and be connected with weihai Smart property management platform.According to the notice, the differentiated needs of residents should be fully respected, especially for the reconstruction of parking Spaces. In the process of scheme formulation and drawing design, the overall planning of parking Spaces in the community should be carefully done.To change part of green space into parking space, it should be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations and on the basis of obtaining the consent of relevant owners and the approval of relevant departments.For the green space and trees damaged by the transformation of parking Spaces, replanting should be carried out in other areas to ensure that the greening rate of the community remains basically unchanged.It is strictly prohibited to illegally occupy green land and destroy trees to rebuild parking Spaces.The transformation of old residential areas is a systematic project, involving heating, water supply, power supply, gas, communication and many other franchised units.All districts and cities should establish a collaborative promotion mechanism with franchised units such as electricity, communications, water, gas and heat supply to coordinate and promote the renovation of old residential areas.All districts, cities and development zones support the reconstruction funded by franchised units through the way of “replacing subsidies with awards”, and design and implement the reconstruction of old residential areas simultaneously.Huancui district east QiJiaKuang tangerang district sunshine sunshine garden district southeast of the village community area leopard mountain area YanNa area basis YangPu area in the north of spring and area to meet fairy bridge area ha yu Taiwan area north stone horse area in the combustion of peak area flourish in the heredity of qingshan district dawn almond shaped area to the west of the lucky group songshan district crown of rushan city community community groups longshan jinfeng group century garden village clubZone group west XinYuan community groups and the area in the zone yue hai village northwest mountain area Lin Yujin monkey for Shinto mouth area taoyuan village east garden, white hair in the prosperous time of garden spring park community harmony huahai park olin area of huai cloud fukuyama Chai Feng village road building a village village northeast street weigao living community of ancient village area road in kunming area by the open district peak crown area in the west of the yangs beach garden districtThe Blue Mountain community of Haibu area merges into one area –END