The provincial government held an executive meeting

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On February 16, Han Jun, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of Jilin Province, presided over the third executive Meeting of the Provincial Government in 2022 and the first plenary (expanded) meeting of jilin Provincial Territorial Space Planning Committee in 2022. The government studied law and listened to reports on the steady industrial growth in the first quarter and the large-scale research on service enterprises.Deliberating the Plan of Jilin Province on The Construction of Innovative Province Division of Labor and Jilin Provincial Territorial Space Planning (2021-2035) and other documents, and decided to report or print them according to procedures.The meeting stressed that the Regulation on Government Supervision is China’s first administrative regulation in the field of government supervision, which is of great significance to ensuring the smooth flow of government orders and improving administrative efficiency.We will strengthen and improve government oversight, and ensure that the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council and the work requirements of provincial party committees and governments are fully implemented.We need to explore ways and means to carry out inspections, including the Internet plus oversight and the Four-but-two-straight approach.We should strengthen the construction of the inspection team, make good use of the inspection results, and strive to promote the standardization and efficiency of the provincial government’s inspection work.The meeting stressed that industry is an important support for stable growth.We will further strengthen monitoring and dispatching, focus on key regions, industries, and enterprises, and tap growth, curb growth, and guard against variables to ensure steady industrial performance in the first quarter.Special teams should encourage faW and other key enterprises to implement their plans for increasing production and expanding capacity, solve practical difficulties in production and operation, and ensure a steady and successful start to the business.The meeting pointed out that carrying out large-scale research on service enterprises is an important measure to implement the requirements of the provincial Party Committee’s “Grassroots Construction Year”, optimize the business environment and stimulate the vitality of market players.Into different types, different size, different nature, different development stage of enterprise, take the field investigation, discussion, communication and other forms and research, consultation, and solve the problem, the enterprise production and business operation of problems to be resolved immediately to immediately, immediately run, need certain conditions to create conditions to solve as soon as possible, to solve the effective policy measures on common problems in a timely manner.We need to speed up the development of a list of practical things the government can do for enterprises, make every effort to remove bottlenecks that hinder their development, take concrete measures to increase the sense of gain of market entities and create a first-class business environment.The meeting stressed that innovation is the primary driving force for jilin’s revitalization and development.To innovative province construction as a flagship grab, around the “eight overall planning” “eight security” task measures, further refine the implementation of the work, clear division of responsibility, strengthen the working mechanism, push forward.We will focus on key initiatives in the three-year reform of the science and technology management system and state key laboratories, make early breakthroughs in major initiatives, major projects, and major platforms, and make substantive progress in promoting innovation-driven high-quality development.The meeting pointed out that the establishment of the territorial space planning system is the basic basis for all kinds of development, protection and construction activities, and the preparation of the planning is related to the revitalization and development of Jilin.We should respect the laws of natural and economic and social development, take provincial conditions into account, coordinate production, living and ecological space, and comprehensively improve the efficiency of land use.We will promote industrial distribution, major projects, urban and rural development, and ecological and environmental protection in strict accordance with the requirements of the plan, and strengthen the seriousness and authority of the plan.We should integrate multiple plans into one plan, closely follow developments in national policies and formulation, strengthen guidance and training for cities and counties, and strengthen coordination with various special plans to improve the drafting of territorial space plans.The meeting also examined other matters.