The entertainment circle 85 flower struggle, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Yang Ying, Ni Ni, who can ride the dust?

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Yang Mi’s “Mrs. Hu Zhu”, Zhao Liying’s “Who is the murderer”, public praise is good, but did not become a big explosion.It is said that 85 hualii are nearly 40 years old, the oldest Tang Yan is still in the “Silly White Sweet” drama, the youngest Zhao Liying after divorce, there is no popular works.Once, 85 flowers is just a synonym used for rice circle chasing stars, now also recognized by the public, was originally selected by Nandu entertainment four small actresses: Liu Shishi, Yang Mi, Yang Ying, Ni Ni.85 flowers are still loving to play a girl, as the entertainment industry is changing, it is not too much change.But have to, the entertainment circle is quietly shuffling, the entertainment circle 85 flower struggle, who can become a ride dusts?NO1.85 Hua Li, to say the acting and popularity are good, that is zhao Liying.At the beginning because of the “new Return of pearl Princess” in the fine son was known by the audience, is a remake of the drama in the few recognized characters.A legend of Lu Zhen really let Zhao Liying into the public.The entertainment circle actress that differs at melon seed face, the steamed stuffed bun face of Zhao Liying is recumbent “lovely” also entered next world for her oneself.She not only became the “golden Eagle goddess”, but also achieved one of her most classic roles “Xue Shanshan”.Chinese Fir Is coming is a show you can never get enough of. It was tailored for Zhao Liying. Later, The Journey of Flower, a fairy tale drama with Wallace Huo, set a weekly viewing record for an Online drama.It was the show that once again gave Zhao liying recognition for her acting skills and its popularity continued to rise. Later, The Story of Chu Qiao was viewed 40 billion times, making it the first online TV series to achieve such a rating during its run time.And Feng Shaofeng’s romance, “Whether you Know You Should Be Green, Fat and Thin,” also received a Magnolia Award nomination, but the post-baby comeback was less than ideal.The new play “Who is the murderer” is also zhao Liying’s transformation work, in 85 flowers Zhao Liying has been constantly breakthrough their own.In addition to the early representative of Xue Shanshan, there are also Hua Qianu, Chu Qiao, as actresses have been constantly bringing new looks to the audience.85 flowers in the most prosperous drama, the most acting!NO2. Yang Mi in 85 flower is definitely a representative of the flow, although the acting has been ridiculed, but does not affect her flow.In those days, by virtue of the return of shencondor Heroes, the Guo Xiang in be known by the audience, be remembered by the audience or 09 years, The Snow see in The Legend of Fairy Swordsman 3.In the past 12 years, Xue jian is also one of Yang Mi’s few representative roles. The later “Palace Lock Heart Jade” directly stabilized Yang Mi in the title of “four small female actress”.Although Yang Mi has always been very productive, but it has to be said that the real play is very few, after “Snow see” and “Qingchuan”, Yang Mi was separated by six years before another representative work “Three Lives three Three Three Ten Miles of Peach Blossom”.Although Yang Mi’s achievements are not so bad, it is obvious that Yang Mi is eager for transformation, but the failure of “Baby” also shows that transformation is not so simple.As the ceiling of 85 flowers, Yang Mi’s “Madam Of Dendrobizhu” just big end, and wait for broadcast “28 laws of love”, “thank you doctor” do not know whether to create brilliant again.16 years old because of the “Family of Gold dust” amazing audience Yifei Liu, the same year “Tianlongba bu” was the net friend kua not good.Zhao Ling er, 18 years old, xiao Long Nv, 19 years old, others with a few pages to finish the film and television works, Liu Yifei only a simple page can be narrated.It can be said that Liu Yifei’s aura, let her rely on the early drama, even in the entertainment industry low, still standing, every time as long as her previous role to put a put, the audience immediately fell.Therefore, liu Yifei’s most good works are almost from the early.Because Liu Yifei, who mainly occupies the film market, has rarely made a worthy film since the Forbidden Kingdom in 2008. She has been wandering in the bad film and does not understand why she has been reduced to this.Even the much-praised Mulan, after its release, could not bring back liu yifei’s reputation, but let the audience disappointed.If not, many people will probably forget that Liu Yifei and Jing Boran collaborated on Nanyanzhai Records in 19 years, but no one knows when it will be broadcast.After 18 years, Liu Yifei plays costume again, “Dream Hualu” a preview, still get a lot of praise from netizens, we are looking forward to.However, will this really become liu Yifei’s turn?After all, more than ten years, Liu Yifei can let people remember is still just three years out of the role: “Wang Yan”, “little Dragon girl”, “Zhao Ling er”, mention Mulan, who will not remember Liu Yifei.NO4. Liu Shishi was known as “Little Liu Yifei” when she just started her career, but now it seems that they are actually somewhat similar.Liu Shishi is loved by audiences for her role as Dragon Kwai in Chinese Paladin iii.Now although has been teased acting, eyes have no god to give, seems to be playing blind, but the early Dragon Kwai, “strange man Yizhimei” in yan Sanniang are quite popular with the audience.At that time, no one made fun of Liu Shishi’s acting skills, even in the hit drama “Bu Bu Jing Xin”, Liu Shishi was still praised, but I don’t know when it started, Liu Shishi seems to be a synonym for bad drama.And Nicky Wu because of the drama of love, after marriage is literally worthy of “evaporation of the world”, the drama is not, occasionally participate in the activity is really rare, fortunately, postpartum comeback has two plays “Dear Myself”, “Time of Gold”.Just, the drama broadcast heat, but unfortunately failed to get good word of mouth, acting not only did not grow.With a series of hits, it seems difficult for Liu shishi to return to the top.But there are still expectations for Liu Shishi, who is rumored to be starring in “Fox Demon Little Matchmaid,” another costume.NO5. Tang Yan also got attention because of “Chinese Paladin III”. Now I think that “Chinese Paladin III” only produced two films, but it really attracted many people.Tang Yan struggled in the entertainment circle for 12 years, filmed a lot of movies, TELEplays, but are arrived but a “purple xuan”.Tang Yan than other 85 flowers, much more psychedelic, do not know whether a “Xia Jia Three thousand daughter” through her ren Du two veins, since then Tang Yan like in the “silly white sweet” people set, continuous gold test.You may say that There are many different roles for Tang Yan, but most of them are stereotyped. The beautiful pupil that cannot be removed, the same unibrow and “Tang’s acting” are all obstacles to tang’s progress.Perhaps Tang also understood this, so she chose some different roles in the later stage, such as My Sunshine, which had a good performance. She could also stop there.”Yan Untai,” the much-anticipated comeback of the female lead after giving birth, was a disaster. Even though her daughter was out of business, it still didn’t bring much effect to the drama’s reputation.But Tang Yan in “Yan Yuntai” modeling or pretty good.I have to say that Tang Yan, who has been shooting TV dramas for years, has not contributed too many classic roles, let alone any high-quality dramas. Generally speaking, it should be difficult for Tang To get out of the strange circle she has drawn for herself.85 flower’s reputation is still some, after all, the early have been praised by the audience masterpiece, unforgettable classic role, but in so many years of fighting, no one is better than who.In 2020, except For Liu Yifei, the above 85 flowers are all new mothers, beginning to desire transformation, but it seems that they are not ideal, not only did not surpass the previous achievements of the work, even hit TV series.At present, the cause of a confused, behind a large number of 90 flower catch-up, and increasingly excellent after 00, to 85 flower cause brought impact.It is up to them to choose whether to continue the transformation or to go on the flower road.ENDShe isn’t a Japanese nobody believed, the first being 20 years, counting mistake female with 8 play star when she send gills level not in appearance, brigitte Lin didn’t elaborate, l don’t have a little dragon female of dust is hit eight series, a than a good-looking, TanJian time and Kim are editing | surprise MuYi east treasure you make original works,Who do you like best?Welcome to leave a comment, dongbao love to listen ~