“The class is disorderly, the result is bad, I have no face to take bottom!”Learning a few tricks could turn things around

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As a teacher, to be a head teacher is the beginning of education and teaching being affirmed.A teacher in charge, in addition to class management, is the teaching result, because the teaching result is always the face of a class, but also the most important place of the school.And when your teaching performance is not ideal, the shortcomings of teaching management will be exposed.At this time, to achieve no results, to manage no management, not only the school will be a lot of criticism of you, but also the good colleagues around you will look down on you.Even if such a teacher leaves front-line teaching and transfers to an administrative position, or even becomes a principal, his past problems of managing classes and poor grades will follow him with his shadow and be mentioned from time to time, and will more or less affect the school management — a teacher who cannot teach well will not become a good principal.Teacher Zhu encountered such a double dilemma.He is a young teacher only three or four years out of school.More than 20 years old, graduated from the undergraduate course, successfully got the city three junior high school teacher system.The strength was there, but over the years, he had not gained much professional fulfillment, and instead fell into the agonizing struggle of wondering if he was in the wrong field.There were not many male teachers in his school. As soon as he joined the school, he was arranged to lead two classes of mathematics, and also served as the head teacher of a class.This will be arranged to do the teacher in charge, Zhu teacher very happy, also confident to do their own work – normal college graduation, this have no confidence?He applied what he had learned to his own education and teaching, dreaming of a good return for his efforts.However, the reality is very face, the two classes are the last in mathematics, and more let him not accept is that his own class, not only their own mathematics first, other subjects are almost the bottom of the scores.This time some doubt life, their pay so much, how there is no return?Is that what these guys are doing to me?The school leaders could not sit still, directly talk to him, severely criticized him for not taking good care of the class, and arranged a vice principal in charge of teaching to accompany the class guidance.”Really failure, I have no face to teach!”He wept with pain.So, energetic why he did not lead the class well?When I talked to the vice principal, he made a few comments that I think are appropriate.First, there is little leadership.A head teacher must have authority in front of the students.In this way, when I speak in front of students, they will listen and work will be carried out.Mr. Zhu always holds the idea that teachers and students are friends.There’s nothing wrong with that educationally, but it’s hard to teach in practice.Some experts say that class is teachers and students, and after class is friends, but how to distinguish this boundary is still fuzzy, if not handled well, they have become friends, how can you organize teaching.Therefore, the author believes that it is necessary to establish leadership in front of students, especially gentle teachers.Secondly, there is no distance between being kind and the students.Mercy leads no soldiers.The reason why Mr. Zhu’s class scores are so bad is that when he deals with students’ mistakes, there is no punishment, only preaching.It wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t right for his class.Because the class teacher class, always have students toss, the teacher was pulled to zhu in front of the teacher.And he just reasoned with the students, the students did not listen, sleepy.For such students, can pale preaching still have a practical effect?Zhu teacher said, I am afraid of playing an accident, but no punishment is not a complete education ah!After this stumble, I don’t know if he can realize his ideological deviation in education.Third, they cannot understand students ideologically and do not know how to use strategies educationally.Even though he acts like a mother-in-law.Every day hard to say with the students, but few students listen.And the root cause is that he didn’t get into the heart of the child.If you don’t know your child’s inner needs, how can you make your education have a practical effect?Teaching students, in fact, is dealing with people, even though he is a minor, you have to pay attention to the method, there is a certain strategy.In this way, education can be targeted.And Zhu teacher in addition to talk, on the subject class meeting class, there is no other, this is obviously not enough.Mr Zhu suffered Waterloo in this exam, indeed some let him depressed, feel failure, but as Mr Zhu also do not need to care too much, after all, young, there is a lot to learn, who is not from the young?”More than 20 years ago, I did the same thing in the first three years. I took my children to play in class and took them to play after class. This was not enough.The grades were a mess, averaging 20 points higher than the top class.Fortunately, the headmaster at that time gave me great tolerance and guidance, and arranged an old teacher to take me under his guidance.After three years, I’m not so crazy anymore. My teaching, class management and grades are all on track. I’m taking the test more and more, just like everybody else.”An old teacher gave Zhu a message.What would you say, dear reader, to young teachers whose grades and management are in shambles?Welcome to leave your comments and discuss.