Lintao: multi-department joint gas safety special supervision and inspection

2022-05-29 0 By

Lintao (reporter Wang Mingxing) On January 26, the county housing construction, market supervision, emergency, fire, transportation and other departments formed an inspection team to my county part of the gas enterprises and merchants launched a special inspection.Inspection, the inspection team principal responsibility of safety in production for enterprise to carry out the situation and situation of emergency plan and for the record, contingency drills to carry out the situation, the hidden perils in safety education and training situation, the management of employees, the safety facilities maintenance inspection situation, has carried on the comprehensive gas gas safety inspection, to find problem issued shall be ordered to make correction instruction book,Enterprises and merchants are required to make rectification within a time limit.Inspection group requirements, carefully identify the unit security risks, earnestly implement controls, eliminate accident hidden danger in time, all measures to further refine and strengthen the key parts of the key facilities of security control, ensure the safety of the gas gas to prepare contingency plans to revise, review work, to improve the ability of emergency disposal,Strictly implement the safety management system and operating procedures, strictly implement the relevant provisions of special work approval, to ensure that everyone has a happy and peaceful holiday.