Help create | weifang east Asia capital of culture: powered by “saturated” supply anqiu “performance display” of the development of the public cultural quality

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In recent years, anqiu city tour bureau based on the construction of “travel city” the goal, to weifang create of “east Asian culture” as an opportunity to new look forward to a better life to meet the people, safeguard the rights and interests of the masses of public cultural for the gripper, positive innovation of public cultural service mode, gradually improve the coverage of urban and rural “saturated” brand culture activities,A new pattern of public cultural services has been formed in which “leaders have demands, the masses have demands, and intellectuals have pursuits”.———— In the process of brand building of cultural activities, diversification is the fundamental and key to support its sustainable development.In the past square dance competition, artistic performance, opera evening, send drama to the countryside, send movies to the countryside, literary guidance to the countryside and other activities on the basis of brand content, 2021 the city and innovative ideas, transformation of perspective, held the city’s artistic team exhibition and display activities, to further enrich the “big basket” of cultural activities brand.The activity lasted for more than two months, and there was no age limit or form limit. All units, individuals, groups and art training institutions could sign up for the exhibition, which won praise and reputation from the masses.First, from “watching” to “performing”, build a mobile display platform to encourage everyone to participate.The performance and exhibition activities of the city’s artistic teams are sponsored by anqiu Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and undertaken by Anqiu Municipal Peking Opera Troupe, cultural center and various towns and blocks.The troupe’s mobile stage vehicles are directly driven to the town cultural square or the village (community) street for citizens to perform on stage, and the cultural center follows the professional guidance.The focus of the activity is that there is no age limit for performers, no form of performance, units, individuals, groups, art training institutions can sign up to participate.Art lovers from the audience to the stage, experience the highlight of the talent was praised by the moment, enough “actor” addiction, and ordinary people also actively interact, applaud for the friends they know, have given praise to this activity.Second, from “point” to “surface”, innovative tour mode to ensure the coverage of villages.The activities mainly focus on talent show and community mobile tour. Each town and block will provide performance plan according to the actual situation. Peking Opera Troupe will provide mobile stage, lighting and sound, presiding judge, art direction and behind-the-scenes service for free.The 2-month event focuses on the combination of towns and villages, and responds to the voice of the masses to ensure that every art lover can have the opportunity to participate, and every family can enjoy the benefit of the people.The troupe staged 27 mobile stages in 8 towns and townships, leading more than 410 spontaneous activities in all towns and villages of the city. The people responded enthusiastically, and more than 4,000 people participated in the performances, with an audience of 20,000 people.Third, from “one” to “more”, we set up programs for different audiences to present wonderful performances.Due to the diversity of performers and forms, exhibitions are no longer “lifeless”.Individual talents include song singing, dance, opera, instrumental performance, recitation, magic, martial arts, acrobatics, etc. Group talents include square dancing, taijiquan sword, chorus and so on.Some towns and villages according to the program form and audience, divided into children, opera, public talent, square dance and other special performances.The variety of activities greatly attracted the attention of the villagers, the stage car every place, packed.In order to break the limitations of epidemic prevention and control, the city quickly launched art guidance activities for artistic teams, with the City’s cultural center and Peking Opera troupe touring each town and block to conduct “small class” guidance for more than 50 times, which met the needs of the masses in the “last kilometer” activities.