Good brand achievement good quality, Mercury home textile upgrade product quality control efforts

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Quality has always been a yardstick for consumers to measure the quality of products, which is related to the interests of consumers, as well as the development of enterprises and the progress of the industry.For an enterprise to remain invincible, word of mouth is very important, and product quality assurance is a necessary condition to establish word of mouth.In recent years, quality competition has become increasingly fierce, quality management has become the top priority of all enterprises, Mercury home textile is no exception.As the pioneer of home textile industry, Mercury home textile knows that quality is the lifeblood of brand, and brand is the guarantee of quality.Throughout the development of Mercury home textile, is to use brand standards to pay close attention to quality, and summed up one hand to grasp the quality control, one hand to engage in r & D experience.In recent years, Mercury home textile began more and more direct dialogue with consumers, firmly believe that good quality consumers feel, do not slacken the quality control, upgrade product quality control, and strive to quality on a higher level.On the one hand, Mercury Home Textiles continues to improve the quality management system. Since 2016, Mercury Home Textiles has taken the lead in introducing the performance excellence model in the industry, and has become a benchmark enterprise in promoting performance excellence and 5S management in Fengxian District of Shanghai.On the other hand, Mercury Home Textile has reached in-depth cooperation agreements with Austria Lanjing Group, the global leader of cellulose fiber products, and the People’s Government of Xinjiang Awati County, “the hometown of Long-staple cotton in China”, to strengthen the integrated management of the front and back end and upstream and downstream supply chains and control product quality from the source.Mercury home textile, meanwhile, the rising standards, by the quality of products “inspection” to “prevention” and the “total quality management”, the production process of fine requirements and quality level is higher and higher, and upgrade formulated the “mercury product quality manual”, high-standard, continuously improve, strive for better and more strictly control the product quality from the sources,To provide consumers with more quality products.According to introducing, “mercury product quality manual” split products for more than 10 categories, each category respectively from the intrinsic quality, appearance quality, appearance quality sampling requirements, product identification, packing and so on four dimensions to the quality control, in the product development phase began to strictly control these requirements, the “prevention” and “things to control”, and carried out in accordance with the production of standardized production,Reduce product quality problems at source.It is reciting so to the quality of dedication and concentration, Mercury home spinning won the recognition of consumers.The enduring brand is built on the basis of quality first. In the future, Mercury home textile will continue to strictly control the quality, create famous brands and offer high-quality products.