Yibin rape flowers in full bloom, too beautiful

2022-05-28 0 By

Every spring, rapeseed flowers bloom like a sea of gold on Whale Island beside the Yangtze River in Yile Town, Yibin.At present, xiaobian learned that the whale Island’s rape flowers have gradually opened, can start to enjoy the flowers.Yellow rape overlapping in this patchwork whale island, bloom is flourishing, from a distance like the earth covered with a golden carpet, close to see the golden rape is so pure, clean.Small golden petals, tender green stems and leaves, yellow and green across the mountains winding with the terrain, forming a magnificent pastoral landscape between heaven and earth.Rapeseed flowers in Anle, Yangchun town, are famous for their beauty, attracting numerous tourists every year and promoting local rural tourism.It was beautiful against the blue sky as the tipsy sun tangled with the sea of golden flowers.Spring breeze blowing, cauliflower swaying, light flowers diffuse in the vast fields, shuttle between, visitors as if to return to golden childhood.The rapesola with myriad gestures is shining in the sunshine with golden light, fluttering butterflies and bees added a few minutes of idyllic interest, instant people from the busy steel and cement pull away, cure force full marks!Every year, when the rape flowers bloom, bee fly butterfly dance, fragrance, fragrance diffused in the mountains and ravines, rural pastoral, you are quite intoxicated, relaxed and happy.